Scottie Pippen Launches Debut Digital Sneaker NFTs

The six-time NBA Champion Scottie Pippen in collaboration with Orange Comet, is launching “Metawear,” a sneaker NFT collection. This collection of 1,000 pairs of Pippen Sneaker NFTs is releasing on December 20 in honor of the former NBA player’s legacy. Further, the virtual sneakers are metaverse-ready digital wearables that come with a lot of utilities. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming collection.

scottie pippen nft

NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen is releasing a NFT collection of digital sneakers in collaboration with Orange Comet.

A look inside Scottie Pippen’s Metawear NFT collection

On December 1, Pippen announced the launch of his new NFT collection in collaboration with the Web3 company, Orange Comet. The collection fuses his love for sneakers, his basketball legacy and his interests in Web 3. Thanks to Orange Comet’s design team, they are able to bring his vision to life through Metawear. In detail, Metawear, also known as the SP33 collection, is a line of digitally wearable sneakers releasing on OpenSea. Design inspiration will come from four categories: Modern Day, Futurist, Transcendent, and Planetary. Further, the digital sneakers are metaverse-ready and functional in just about any ecosystem. In addition, lucky holders will be selected at random to attend exclusive IRL events.  This includes a VIP tour of the NBA star’s hometown and a private golf outing with Pippen. Thirty-three lucky holders will also get the chance to receive a physical pair of their Metawear sneakers.

In addition to the exclusive experiences, holders will also be able to claim a mystery box that complements each NFT sneaker. Until 2023, the contents of the box will remain a secret. Furthermore, all Metawear sneaker owners will be added to the Allow List for Orange Comet’s “Cørrupted” phygital wearables, releasing in 2023.

Basketball lovers and sneakerheads can now be a part of Pippen’s life through this unique collaboration with Orange Comet. “The metaverse is making this possible by enabling unique and out-of-the-box moments that bring people into my world on a personal level,” Pippen stated. To take part in this special experience, fans can sign up for early access to the SP33 collection here. As a result of Web3 and this partnership, fans can score experiences and physical items they wouldn’t otherwise be able to acquire.

scottie pippen nft

Metawear will include virtual Metaverse-ready sneakers that also have physical utilities. Credit: Yahoo! Sports

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