Shutdown (FUSE): A Web3-Based Post-Apocalyptic Shooter With Lucrative Rewards

Shutdown (FUSE): A Web3-Based Post-Apocalyptic Shooter With Lucrative Rewards

The Web3 gaming ecosystem is witnessing a paradigm shift, especially after the market shifts in 2022. After struggles with low-quality gameplay and unsustainable rewards, there’s a marked shift towards better gameplay, with fun taking center stage once again. 

One of the leading examples of such games is Shutdown, a Web3 role-playing and first-person shooter game with a reward structure that’s built around skill rather than chance. The game is powered by its native token, FUSE, and requires players to hunt and harvest, complete quests, and team up with others in a battle to take down a rogue AI. 

What is Shutdown? 

Shutdown is an action-packed RPG shooter set in a futuristic sci-fi world where AI has taken over. Players can immerse in thrilling fast-paced battles, competing against opponents to claim valuable resources and ascend to the top. 

The game features diverse weaponry, equipment and unique characters, with players teaming up in threes to battle it out and defeat AI. In addition, players must strategically navigate hostile environments and customize their arsenal to conquer the Shutdown universe and earn crypto rewards.

A recent beta test for Shutdown accrued over 3,700 weekly active users. The game is being developed by gaming veterans from Ubisoft, Netease, Disney and Pixar. Furthermore, the project has backing from veteran Web3 VCs, including Infinity Ventures Crypto, Morningstar Ventures, Yield Guild Games and Dialectic. 

What is Shutdown? 

Shutdown – the Story 

Set 400 years in the future, Shutdown is a tactical adventure in a dystopian universe ravaged by war. Earth has been destroyed by weapons of mass destruction as nature and technology collide. Amidst the chaos and confusion, and with resources spreading thin, humans must fight for survival and scramble for what’s left. 

Shutdown takes players through this post-apocalyptic world, where they get to control battle-hardened characters called Mongrels. Mongrels have the ability and power to fight hordes of enemies and deliver victory. Players take on the challenge of guiding these characters through the dangerous new landscape as they battle for resources and territory. 

Shutdown Gameplay 

Built on Unreal Engine, Shutdown combines top-down shooter and role-playing elements reminiscent of Diablo or Path of Exile. It offers players high-quality, fast-paced battles and addictive gameplay that tests each player’s survival instincts at every turn. 

Players engage in relentless battles against dangerous foes in their quest to survive and claim in-game collectibles and tokens. These battles are fought in a 3-player co-op team, in which those who control Mongrels forge alliances or rivalries with other players to carve out a semblance of civilization. They must embrace this new lawless land, and navigate a treacherous landscape to uncover hidden treasures and complete quests – all while facing off against deranged robots. 

Shutdown Gameplay 

The game presents two core gameplay modes: 

  • Player-vs-environment (PvE) centers on surviving the desolate world and environmental challenges. Enter PvE mode and complete missions to collect NFT items.
  • Player-vs-player (PvP) offers zones/arenas where players battle rival survivors to earn rewards ($FUSE). 

Whether it’s ambushing convoys for loot, undertaking dangerous quests or trading valuable finds on the marketplace, success in Shutdown demands wit, skill and a keen sense of strategy. 

Shutdown NFTs 

Shutdown’s gameplay is centered around its collectible characters (Mongrels), which players can own and trade in the marketplace. Players will have to choose at least one Mongrel to do battle against other players, with each one having unique characteristics and abilities. 

Crafting NFTs is essential for survival. Players can customize or level their characters to fit their playstyle by acquiring distinctive armor NFTs. These include weapons, armor, accessories, and equipment. The challenge is to match the Mongrels with different combat skills and armor to create the right balance needed to fend off threats and thrive.

The first NFT drop is coming up soon, and interested gamers can join the public mint on their website. 

What is FUSE Token 

Every transaction, trade and treasure found within the Shutdown ecosystem is valued in $FUSE. FUSE tokens can be used to upgrade characters and equipment, enter battle arenas, and trade in-game skins and assets. This helps bridge the game to real-world economic principles, making the thrill of loot discovery and trading exponentially more engaging. 

Additionally, users earn rewards in $FUSE tokens. The ways to earn are as varied as the wasteland itself, from completing quests to ambushing enemies for loot, or trading NFTs on the marketplace. 

Closing Thoughts 

With its unique digital economy and endless opportunities for exploration and combat, Shutdown offers thrilling PvP and PvE encounters to satisfy both newcomers and devoted gamers. The superior graphics and animations, powered by Unreal Engine, add depth to a gameplay experience while Web3 mechanics like NFTs grant players ownership of their in-game items. 

Overall, Shutdown stands as a testament to survival, strategy and resilience, offering a sandbox of endless possibilities. After revealing gameplay features and landscapes via an open beta, Shutdown plans to release the first public alpha version in late 2024.

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