SKALE Partners with Mark Cuban’s Fireside To Create The Web3 Netflix

Mark Cuban’s Fireside entertainment platform and blockchain network SKALE have recently announced a huge $100 million ecosystem fund. The “Creatives Unleashed” grant program aims to empower a new generation of creators to make the move into Web3.

Fireside founder and SKALE partner Mark Cuban at the 2019 Arizona Technology Innovation Summit

Mark Cuban’s Web3 entertainment platform Fireside and SKALE want to build the Netflix of Web3. Credit: Fireside

Fireside & SKALE to launch “Creatives Unleashed” grant program

The partnership between Fireside and SKALE intends to give proven creators a kickstart to make their projects a reality. Thanks to the SKALE ecosystem grants and Fireside’s new Web3 content studio, these creators will get to launch networks on Fireside.

These unique networks, featuring NFT-powered memberships, will allow creators to engage with their fans in a whole new way. As a result, they will be able to bring both their work and their communities to Web3.

Not to mention that the grant program will help them explore new business models and opportunities. As a result, SKALE and Fireside see the grant program as a chance to create a truly Web3 content platform. Thus, displaying what could be the future of the entertainment industry.

“We’re creating and helping kickstart an entirely new category for professional creators that focuses on not only owning their work, but on enabling them to engage, interact and monetize en masse without any middlemen,” said Falon Fatemi, Fireside Co-founder and CEO.

What’s more, network members need not be crypto savvy in order to enjoy this new platform. By the same token, creators who qualify for the SKALE x Fireside program can utilize SKALE for free NFT minting and transfers. All in all, this makes for an easy onboarding experience for creators and fans alike.

Certainly, the new fund is a huge step forward for Fireside. Most recently, Fireside announced its first NFT TV show Ramble On, in partnership with Entourage creator Doug Ellin. Now with the help of SKALE’s eco-friendly network, the platform is looking to cement its place as an early leader in Web3 content creation.

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