Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk is under fire for launching NFT collection

image of Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk sitting on a skateboard NFT

Tony Hawk is launching an NFT collection, and some users on social media aren’t happy about it, accusing him of selling out. The iconic, globally loved superstar announced the collection on December 16th. However, social media is just now finding out about it.

image of Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk sitting on a skateboard NFT

Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk is under fire for launching the NFT collection.

The ‘Last Trick’ project is a collection of 16,600 NFTs celebrating the skateboarder’s most impressive tricks in animated form. Some of the selected highlights include tricks such as Frontside Cab, Gymnast Plant, and Finger Flip.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trick collection without the infamous 900 that helped him gain celebrity worldwide. Tony Hawk shocked the world in 1999 when he performed a 900-degree turn at X-Games. Since then, he has gone on to become a household name. Now, Tony Hawk is creating an NFT collection to celebrate his career.

Furthermore, in 1999 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game series launched on the PlayStation. The game achieved cult status and helped elevate Tony Hawk’s popularity across cultural boundaries. He is also known for his acts of kindness and frequently visits skateparks and hands out gifts.

Tony Hawk NFT social media backfire

It would appear that certain sections of social media are not happy with the skateboarding legend for launching his own NFT collection. One user called @ Prbly_not-Chris tweeted, ‘Tony Hawk doing NFT’s man”, along with the popular Star Wars meme; you were the chosen one.

Amongst the funny memes, many called the popular skateboarder a ‘shill’ and accused him of selling out. He is not the first sporting hero to launch their own NFT collection, and he certainly won’t be the last. However, here at, we are incredibly excited about the NFT collection.


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