SlimHoods: the most active NFT animations on the Blockchain

Slimhoods is an NFT collection that has recently gained lots of traction. This is mainly due to the parent company’s (Random Character Collective) other projects, Invisible Friends. This is largely because of the chance to get on the Invisible Friends whitelist (releasing February 2022) by holding NFTs from the Slimhoods collection.

Slimhoods NFT

Slimhoods is an animated NFT collection by Random Character Collective. Credit: Slimhoods

About Slimhoods

SlimHoods are a collection of 5000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They all wear hoods, but each SlimHood is unique. Notably, this was the first collection created by the company, Random Character Collective.

Slimhoods joined Twitter in September 2021. They have gained 16.2k followers on their page since, including GaryVee who’s been a huge supporter in the NFT space lately.

The strength of the project is shown through their Opensea. Currently, only 351 are listed in total, with a current floor price of 1 Ethereum. Also, the sales prices have skyrocketed in price over the last few weeks, with the knowledge of the integration with Invisible Friends coming into play.

To add, rapper JaRule also purchased a Slimhood on the 5th December. Specifically, #47 which he purchased for 0.11 ETH at the time. JaRule is a large fan of NFTs, owning many like a Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Gutter Cat Gang and Punks comic to name a few. You can see his wallet here.

About Random Character Collective

Random Character Collective is the parent company behind Slimhoods, Moodrollers and the upcoming collection of Invisible Friends. They have perfectly generated hype within their projects based on the attractive animated art.

On their Twitter page, they have 28.5k followers. Also, they have a combined 207,000+ followers on their 3 collections: Slimhoods, Moodrollers and Invisible Friends.

Also, in a different way to other projects, Random Character Collective’s Discord is the home to fans from each of the 3 collections. They have 140,000 Discord members at the time of writing.

The artist behind all of the projects is James Curran, more often known as SlimJim in the NFT space. His main focus recently has been on Slimhoods and the Random Character Collective. But his art style outwith these projects does match the same kind of art which you see on the RCC projects. James has 17k Twitter followers as of now, which is growing daily.

Random Character Collective’s biggest collection, which is upcoming, Invisible Friends is already their biggest so far. They have 176k followers on Twitter and have been classed already as one of the most hyped NFT projects of all-time. Already receiving comparisons to projects like Mekaverse and Hapebeast. Of their followers, some of the largest include Pranksy, Faze Banks, Garyvee, XCopy, Steve Aoki and more.

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