Smiley and Space Runners Join Forces: A Groundbreaking NFT Transformation

Top urban lifestyle brand Smiley and fashion tech innovator Space Runners introduce their collaboration “Smiley Worlds” to combat NFT counterfeits. This marks a  groundbreaking collaboration that aims to reshape the Web3 landscape. Smiley Worlds which is like a digital equivalent of social media’s blue checkmarks. These iconic symbols of global positivity come with exclusive privileges for their holders.

The collaboration between Smiley and Space Runners revolutionizes the licensing market and tap into the untapped potential of Web3. One of its key objectives is to combat the issue of counterfeit NFTs by establishing immutable blockchain records for digital asset ownership. This solution also serves as a blueprint for other IP brands seeking to secure their digital assets. So, read on to find out more about Smiley Worlds and how they are aiming to change the NFT space.


  • Smiley and Space Runners collaborate to introduce “Smiley Worlds,” combating counterfeit NFTs and reshaping Web3.
  • The partnership revolutionizes the licensing market and establishes blockchain records for digital asset ownership.
  • Owners of Smiley Worlds enjoy exclusive privileges, propose innovative NFT applications, and participate in a journey across realms.

Smiley worlds NFT project posters

Changing the NFT Game with Space Runner NFTs

Owners of Smiley Worlds can participate in future launches and enjoy benefits from merchandise sales. They also receive unique NFT drops that embody the identity of their respective worlds. Furthermore, this collaboration encourages owners to propose innovative NFT applications and collaborate directly with the creative minds at Space Runners.

Space Runners has gained recognition for its previous collaboration with fashion leader Balmain, which resulted in a fusion of digital and physical fashion pieces. Through this partnership, the scourge of counterfeit NFTs will be eliminated, paving the way for other intellectual property (IP) brands to follow suit.

According to the creators, NFT buyers are not just passive observers but vital partners in the venture. They also actively participate in direct sales, events, and joint collections. The platform, incorporating artificial intelligence, opens up opportunities for collaboration with leading fashion brands and retailers.

Smiley NFT: Embarking on a Journey Across Real and Virtual Realities

The collection by Smiley and Space Runners unfolds an engaging story of ten Smiley Worlds. These worlds come together to defend against a looming black hole, triggering a rebirth across their realms. In celebration of this triumph, they release their values and utilities as NFTs, empowering the community to enhance their abilities and spread positivity on a broader scale.

Each world in the collection also focuses on a unique theme, encompassing streetwear, gaming, music, mental health, and more. Furthermore, through the Smiley World platform, Smiley and Space Runners blend the realms of AI, digital collectibles, and physical merchandise. This marks the dawn of a new era in digital ownership and artistic expression.

Linking NFTs with Physical Products and Embracing Traditional Payment Methods

Drawing inspiration from Puma’s Black Station 2 release, the Space Runners initiative seamlessly connects NFTs with physical products. Notably, it also embraces traditional payment methods, allowing customers to make purchases with standard cards instead of relying solely on cryptocurrencies. This move represents a significant step towards making NFTs more accessible and inclusive for all.


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