Smurfs’ Universe Comes to Life with 3D NFTs!

One of the most popular and enduring entertainment franchises worldwide – The Smurfs, enters the world of NFTs! The “Smurfs’ Society”, a collective of entrepreneurs, artists, and Web3 experts, is developing the Smurfs’ Society Legendary Collection. These are a series of 12,500 unique NFTs that showcase intricate 3D-rendered Smurf characters and an exciting new cast of characters.

a smurfs character from the official Smurfs Society NFT website

Smurfs Society Legendary NFT Collection: Explained

The Smurfs Society Legendary collection boasts 250 unique Smurf characters with 50 individual variants. Each of these comes with over 300 randomized traits including skins, background FX, and lighting. In addition, the Smurf characters also have exclusive utilities and benefits unique to each character. These utilities include physical prints, raffles to win prizes, access to partners’ and artists’ services, products, or artwork, game tickets, wine bottles, and more.

The Smurfs’ Society collection introduces an innovative bucket auction powered by Rarible to set the value of their collection. This makes this a community-led Smurfs collection. It also allows the community to set a mint price for the entire collection. This approach places value on the community rather than an arbitrary price. Moreover, the bucket auction also determines the mint price for the remaining NFTs in the collection.

The Smurfs’ Web3 Vision

The Smurfs’ Society has a long-term vision to introduce new ambition to Web3 by combining innovative experiences, individual rewards, and collective interests to support ‘for good’ initiatives. These community and ‘for good’ values are at the core of the Smurfs brand. The team has already partnered with a dozen Web3 names, and over 100 Web3 communities. This includes an incredible group of artists such as André, Philippe Druillet, Richard Orlinski, Fafi Birtak, and Antonyo Marest, among others.

The Smurfs’ Society launches its first major sale of 3,000 NFTs from the collection on April 18th. This collection is an opportunity to unite communities around the Smurfs’ positive values. The collection also takes this further, rewarding holders for their engagement and actions.

To clarify, The Smurfs’ Society successfully transcends Web3 standards by launching its official NFT collection.  Finally, the Smurfs’ Society demonstrates that it are listening to and most importantly working with the relevant communities to build innovative projects in this demanding market.


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