Solana Network Experiences A 7 Hour Outage


The Solana network experienced a 7-hour outage at 8 pm UTC, caused by a rush of bots trying to mint NFTs. Solana developers and engineers said the traffic reached a record-breaking high of 4 million transactions per second. Further, blowing out all other previous highs in terms of transactions on the blockchain per second significantly.

Today, validators completed a cluster restart and the Solana blockchain was operating slowly in the morning. The reason being is it takes a while for every node to come back online.


Solana’s network experienced a blackout on Saturday night as volume surged to new highs.

Solana has risen up the crypto ranks now, being in the top 10 in terms of market cap. The blockchain also has the second-highest NFT volume, aside from Ethereum of course.

Solana Blockchain Struggles to Fight Significant Influx of Bots

Solana has faced server issues before, one in January lasted 18 hours. Both times the blockchain has gone down have been due to a massive influx of NFT bots. When Solana goes down it’s not ideal for Solana NFT traders because they are unable to buy and sell anything.

Overnight after the recent outage, Solana fell 7.4%. Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko applauded the network’s validators to have it back up quickly.

Solana’s recent blackout reiterates why it will likely never take over Ethereum in terms of NFT scope and volume. ETH will continue to dominate as more and more users lose trust after an event like this. All in all, Solana has been doing extremely well as of recent and is experiencing the most volume they’ve had ever. This is a positive to take away from the recent blockchain outage.

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