Sorare Partner With The English Premier League To Release NFTs

The English Premier League partners with Sorare, the leading fantasy soccer game, to integrate officially licensed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its gaming player characters. Sorare grows steadily with its unique blend of gaming and blockchain. Consequently, this new deal with the premier league sets to take the company to new heights.

Erling Haaland featured in the Premier League NFTs by Sorare.

Premier League NFTs feature top starts like Erling Haaland.
Image Credit: Goal

What are these Premier League NFTs?

The Premier League NFTs are official player cards licensed by the English Premier League. Sorare players buy, sell and use these NFTs, allowing them to compete with league-specific player cards. The NFTs will bring a new level of authenticity and excitement to the Sorare games. Additionally, the game allows players to collect and trade their favorite Premier League players. The experience compares to previously seen features in games like FIFA Ultimate Team.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy sports gaming platform using blockchain technology to bring users a unique and innovative gaming experience. The platforms allow users to collect and trade unique player cards, and to compete in leagues with other users online. The gaming platform certainly grows rapidly, with total exchanges of Sorare’s cards amounting to $500 million in 2022, almost doubling from $270 million in 2021. Sorare games also include other sports like the NBA and MLB. Sorare also signed deals with these sports associations and players expect to see the platform include other sports soon.

Sorare NFT gaming platform launches Premier League NFTs.

Premier League NFTs showcase players as usable NFTs to compete online.
Image Credit: Sorare

Sorare’s partnership with the Premier League brings a new level of excitement and authenticity to the Sorare game. With the integration of official EPL-licensed NFTs, Sorare players correspondingly can now collect and trade their favorite Premier League players. This new deal with the Premier League is a major step for Sorare and is sure to help the company reach new heights in the world of fantasy sports and blockchain.

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