Sotheby’s Metaverse Unleashes Revolutionary On-Chain NFT Marketplace

275-year-old auction house Sotheby’s launches its own secondary NFT marketplace along its metaverse. The platform is a home for fine art NFTs. This marks the company’s further expansion into the digital asset world. This move also sets Sotheby’s apart from other pre-existing NFT marketplaces. Further, it will offer a “rotating, curated selection of leading artists hand-picked by Sotheby’s specialists.”

a picture of artwork across the 13 different curated artists from the Sothebys Metaverse

Artwork across the 13 different curated artists from the Sothebys Metaverse

Sotheby’s NFT Marketplace & Metaverse: Explained

The Sotheby’s secondary marketplace features works from 13 leading digital artists. This includes art from Tyler Hobbs, Claire Silver, XCOPY, Diana Sinclair, Pindar van Arman, and others. The artists are to be featured on the platform rotating every few months.

To clarify, all NFT sales on the Sotheby’s Metaverse platform occur through smart contracts. This gives digital art collectors the choice of Ethereum (ETH) or Polygon (MATIC) to pay for their art and collectibles. Additionally, the company has stated that it will honor artist royalties through smart contracts on the secondary sales platform and will automatically pay artists according to the royalty rate they select.

Sotheby’s first ventured into NFTs in April 2021 and has since generated over $120 million in total NFT sales. The company’s platform has facilitated several record-breaking NFT sales. These include a “Covid Alien” CryptoPunk that sold for $11.7 million in June 2021, the World Wide Web source code that sold for $5.4 million in July 2021, and a rare Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT that sold for $3.4 million in October 2021.

How Sotheby’s Helps NFTs

By launching its own NFT marketplace, Sotheby’s takes a bold step into the rapidly expanding digital art market. The company’s extensive history and expertise in the traditional art world will likely attract more collectors. These may also be people earlier hesitant to participate in NFT sales on other platforms. Sotheby’s is also offering a unique feature with its rotating selection of leading artists. This could entice collectors looking for exclusive and high-quality NFTs.

The platform states in a press release: “Sotheby’s commitment to honoring artist royalties comes amidst a larger debate about royalties within the NFT community, and signals Sotheby’s artist-first ethos as one of the only major NFT marketplaces committed to artist resale royalties.

In conclusion, the Sotheby’s Marketplace platform represents a significant development in the NFT market. As it highlights the increasing acceptance and recognition of digital art as a legitimate form of collectible. With the launch of its own NFT marketplace, Sotheby’s is poised to solidify its position as a major player in both the traditional and digital art worlds.

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