Space Doodles NFTs: Stunning Vehicles For The Chart-Topping Collectible

Space doodles NFT release for holders of the collection

Doodles recently released a companion NFT for holders of the collection. “Space Doodles” are spaceships unique to each Doodle in the original group of 10,000. Holders can launch a spacecraft rendered from over 200 audiovisual and on-chain stats. First, however, they’ll have to transfer in their selected Doodle to obtain their spaceship doodle and traverse the cosmos.

Space doodles NFT release for holders of the collection

Doodles delivers a companion NFT in the form of unique spacecraft
Credit: Doodles

How Space Doodles NFTs Work

Essentially, the Space Doodle acts as a token that wraps the existing Doodle through some snazzy smart contract wizardry. In short, you transfer a Doodle in and get a Space Doodle in return. However, you can always “dock” your space-traveling Doodle and receive your corresponding Doodle at any time. There are 30 unique spaceship types with variations throughout the generative collection. Traits included in each space doodle will determine the sector in which your Doodle is currently traveling. Also, traits will determine the nearest planet type and the matter emitted from your spaceship’s thruster. Some holders may even notice “hidden traits” like their Space Doodle passing by interesting objects among the galaxy.

“With this release, Doodles embark on the first steps of their journey through space. Launching a Space Doodle will show you where it is in the universe, its swagger, and how good it is at piloting its ship or holding its bladder.” -Doodle team

Stats And Bladders

Stats are your Doodles know-how in its spaceship. With each stat immutable, they are also highly composable and will be used in future experiences. Among the stats will be your Doodles piloting ability, mechanical knowledge, and even bladder management, as not even space exploration can stop a pleasing tinkle. All Doodles will start with a rank of 1 and will progress through future ventures. Both collections’ floor price remains above 10 ETH at the time of writing. As Doodles genesis collection ranks third in open sea trading volume at 13,739 ETH, one can only wonder where Space Doodles will go. For the sky is simply a ceiling to break for this team.

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