Start playing Nine Chronicles: The Newest Fantasy MMORPG on the Blockchain

Officially announced in March 2021, Nine Chronicles is a decentralized Fantasy MMORPG Game boasting a network powered by the player Community. The game is loosely based on Norse mythology but you play as a cat. This unlikely combination is working because the game enjoyed a 600% increase in monthly active users in the second quarter of 2021. 

In this article, you’ll find out why game development company Planetarium’s gaming title is growing rapidly. 

Poster of Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is an open-source idle MMORPG powered by the players. Credit: Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles’ Lore and Gameplay

The game’s storyline is anchored on the great war between the gods that ripped the imaginary nine worlds apart. Even though the gods eventually put an end to their conflict, the scars of war had already started to cause Yggdrasil, the world tree to wither. Then one day, a stray cat in Midgard wishing to be reborn as a human was called by the goddess and reincarnated as a half-cat, half-human being.

So to play the game, you can choose among 4 paths: adventurers, miners, merchants or politicians.

Nine Chronicles Gameplay

The gameplay revolves around playing, mining and governing. Credit: Nine Chronicles

Adventurers overcome challenges, compete with other players, optimize gears and find new ways to play. Meanwhile, as a miner, you can enable a fully decentralized world by converting computing resources with gold. Then, you can also be a merchant who balances supply and demand for exotic items and materials. Finally, you can opt to be a politician. Their role is to issue and pass amendments for the world with players’ support.

As the game puts it, “play, mine, govern together: this world is yours to keep.”

Open-Source Set-Up

Nine Chronicles is completely open-source. By open-source, it means that its original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed—hence it is completely governed by its players. Its gameplay includes exploration, crafting, mining, or governing moldable open-source adventures for other players.

NFTs, Tokens and Play-To-Earn

Since the launch of its play-to-earn portal, players who successfully refer a friend will receive 20 Nine Chronicles Gold (NCGs) if that player reaches level 20. The developers added the play-to-earn system back in June. Additionally, players can earn from trading items for NCGS then converting them to crypto and fiat. 

Just last week, the game announced that it’s hosting a $2 Million-dollar Arena Season 0 Play-To-Earn event. The event will start on Wednesday (September 8) and run for approximately four weeks (October 6). There will be 896,000 NCGs up for grabs. Every week there will be a 112,000 NCG prize pool for the best 500 players, bringing the total of weekly rewards for the entire event to 448,000. In addition, there will be 448,000 monthly arena awards for all participants.

Poster of Nine Chronicles Play To Earn Event

Over $2 Million worth of prizes are up for grabs in the game’s play-to-earn tournament. Credit: Nine Chronicles

To participate, you need to have an access code and have a character of level 17 or higher because reaching this level will unlock the arena mode. Then, players will need to use arena tickets to participate. They will receive 5 tickets every 6 hours and can join in up to 20 flights per day.

Clearly, things are heating up for Nine Chronicles as it’s expanding aggressively. Moreover, it has the funds to support this expansion because it has raised $2.6 Million in a funding round led by Animoca Brands.

Despite the growth, the game is still in its early stages making it the perfect time to explore it starting with the official website

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