Step into Streetwear History with BAPE® x adidas Triple-White Collab

adidas x bape nft sneaker collaboration pictures depicting the Forum 84 BAPE® Low Triple-White sneakers

In the midst of BAPE®’s exuberant 30th-anniversary festivities, there is great news for NFT enthusiasts and Sneaker heads alike! A groundbreaking collaboration between adidas Originals and the legendary Japanese brand emerges in the form of the highly exclusive Forum 84 BAPE® Low Triple-White sneakers. This extraordinary release marks a monumental milestone for both partners. It also rejuvenates adidas’ legacy as a pioneering collaborator while honoring BAPE®’s iconic standing in the realm of streetwear. The introduction of this shoe is accompanied by a revolutionary drop strategy. One that sets the stage for an unprecedented fusion of style and innovation.


  • Adidas Originals and BAPE® join forces to release the Forum 84 BAPE® Low Triple-White sneaker, celebrating BAPE®’s 30th anniversary with innovation.
  • The sneaker boasts a fresh, minimalist design while integrating BAPE®’s signature shooting star motif and embossed branding, coupled with an NFC chip for authenticity.
  • This collaboration introduces an avant-garde NFT auction via adidas /// Studio, offering 100 NFTs corresponding to sneakers, and culminating on August 25th.

adidas x bape nft sneaker collaboration pictures depicting the Forum 84 BAPE® Low Triple-White sneakers

Classic Collaborations Come To NFT Sneakers: The Adidas x BAPE Story

Rooted in their unwavering commitment to timeless elegance and an unrelenting pursuit of perfection, the triple-white sneaker stands in striking contrast to its predecessor, the BAPE® 1ST CAMO collection. Their first collab took the stage earlier this year. Departing from the bold camouflage patterns, this sneaker radiates purity and minimalism. However, it doesn’t forsake BAPE®’s signature style. A delicate shooting star motif graces the lateral upper, while “A Bathing Ape” is elegantly embossed in silver metallic foil, encapsulating the ethos of the Harajuku brand.

picture of adidas Forum 84 BAPE® Low Triple-White sneakers

Beyond its outward aesthetics, each pair of these exceptional sneakers houses an NFC chip discreetly nestled within the left tongue. This ingenious addition also grants each owner access to a Digital Certificate of Authenticity. More importantly, it underlines the commitment of both brands to transparency and quality assurance.

In a testament to the innovation powering this collaboration, the launch is fortified by the adidas /// Studio (Three Stripes Studio). The studio now  takes on the role of a platform for a limited edition NFT drop connected to the products. This marks a daring stride for adidas, as it marks their inaugural foray into the world of digital assets. The esteemed partner for this journey is MoonPay. The novel approach here lies in the combination of the tangible and the digital. With only a meager offering of 100 NFTs, each corresponding to a pair of sneakers, the fusion of artistic expression, technology, and fashion finds a harmonious nexus.

More About The Adidas X BAPE NFT Sneaker

The exhilarating NFT sneaker auction for the adidas Originals x BAPE Fresh Forum begins its mesmerizing journey on August 22nd. It is accessible through the adidas COLLECT platform and open to enthusiasts worldwide. The auction is also a true spectacle of innovation. It unfold over a span of 72 hours, ending on August 25th.

The 100 privileged holders of the adidas Originals x BAPE Fresh Forum Access Pass NFT are in for a double delight! Come September 26th, they gain an exclusive opportunity to claim their ‘phygital’ reward. This way, they get both; a physical pair of the sneakers and its NFT twin. This is ingeniously orchestrated through the adidas COLLECT platform. In conclusion, this marks a harmonious marriage of the tangible and the virtual. The collab promises an enchanting experience for sneaker aficionados and NFT enthusiasts alike.

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