Steve Aoki Says NFTs Are Way More Profitable Than Music

NFT creator Steve Aoki at Future Musiv Festival

As it turns out, you can count superstar DJ Steve Aoki as one of the artists who has found NFTs to be more financially rewarding! As a matter of fact, Aoki declared at a Gala Music event last week that he has made more from NFTs than in his last 10 years as a music producer.

NFT creator Steve Aoki at Future Musiv Festival

Even as a global superstar, Steve Aoki still gets better returns on NFTs than he does from music. Credit: Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia Commons

Steve Aoki is a firm believer in what NFTs can do for artists

Many know Steve Aoki as an iconic electronic music producer and DJ. But over the past year or so, Aoki has truly made a name for himself in NFTs. So far he has dropped NFT music, partnered with the Sandbox, launched an NFT marketplace, and is even prepping his very own NFT community and social club called, A0K1VERSE.

Aoki was taking part in a Q and A as part of a Web3 music event. The host of the event was Gala Games. Indeed, the blockchain game studio has recently created Gala Music to serve that side of NFTs and Web3.

Speaking on the difference between releasing music as NFTs, and the traditional label structure, Aoki says there’s no comparison.

“If I was to really break down… What I did in one drop last year in NFTs, I made more money,” he said. To clarify, he noted that he made more from the NFT drop than from the advance payments for his six studio albums.

The impact of NFTs on artists’ careers and earning potential is spoken about often. Even so, to hear this from an artist from the major label system is truly eye-opening. Especially someone who has had as much success as Steve Aoki has had in his career.

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