STOLEN NFTS: GutterCon Ends In Tears For One Unlucky NFT Holder

GutterCon Stolen NFTs

This weekend GutterCon – Gutter Cat Gang’s conference experience – ended badly for an NFT holder. An unknown hacker stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of NFTs. The victim @denniswbielik was hacked, resulting in a Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, Doodles, RTFKT, Sappy Seals, Lazy Lions, and Gutter Cat Gang NFT being stolen.

GutterCon Stolen NFTs

Unfortunately for one holder, they had stolen NFTs when attending GutterCon. (via @bchillz42)

Hundreds of Thousands of dollars worth of NFTs stolen through hacking

Witnessing a case of stolen NFTs is never a nice feeling. In this case, @denniswbielik hack cost him  $100,000’s worth of them, including some blue-chip NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Club, RTFKT, and Gutter Cat Gang.

This took place at this weekend’s GutterCon event by Gutter Cat Gang. Apparently, their phone was off, and the attack still happened. Furthermore, the phone was next to @denniswbielik, a.k.a REPLY GUY, even while they were sleeping. Unfortunately, @denniswbielik stored his NFTs in MetaMask, not a hardware wallet such as Ledger.

One user asked why the NFTs were in a hot wallet to begin with. In response, @denniswbielik said: “Honestly just hadn’t moved it to my other wallet yet and was just stoked about GutterCon forgot to do it before.”

Currently, @denniswbielik has filed a case with the Las Vegas Police Department. Many people are speculating on how this hack could have happened. In fact, @denniswbielik’s developer friend has speculated that the hacker may have targeted a TAGHeuer watch. The particular watch model can connect to MetaMask as a way of displaying NFTs.

About GutterCon

GutterCon was Gutter Cat Gang’s answer to a conference for all of their holders to attend. The event featured a meetup, paintball, speed track, spa day, dinner, and a ‘surprise event’. As well as this, there was also the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

As expected in Vegas, fans were dancing throughout the night at some of the varied events.

For the most part, the event looked to be a fun community get-together, but the stolen NFTs from @denniswbielik have certainly put a damper on the weekend.

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