Storytelling NFTs: What The Hell Are They?

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Storytelling NFTs are the latest trend within the industry’s Twitter community. In the past day alone, it seems that it’s all that people are talking about. In fact, there are hundreds of Tweets simply reading: “Storytelling NFTs.” with no other context

So, what are these storytelling NFTs that everyone is looking at? Well many look at them as a way to incorporate storytelling in Web3, with members of the community writing, voting and contributing to stories. Therefore, we thought we should take a closer look at what exactly storytelling means within the NFT community.

A cover image for this article with its title written on ti with a futuristic vitrual robot on the right.

Jenkins The Valet’s ‘Bored & Dangerous’ is making waves in the storytelling NFTs space.


About Storytelling NFTs

Put simply, Storytelling NFTs are a way for the community members to become involved in the creative aspects of their communities. Now, they can write the story or narrative behind an NFT collection, many of which have the possibility of becoming published work, if it is a success.

Important Storytelling NFTs to Know

Don’t know where to start with Storytelling NFTs? Here are some of the best.

Bored and Dangerous was started by Jenkins the Valet. The collection fits in the storytelling genre and was created thanks to the work of 3,000 members of ‘The Writers’ Room’ driving the creative direction of the work. Furthermore –  Neil Strauss, a 10-times New York Times Bestseller – wrote a Bored and Dangerous novel. The community who created the collection owns the characters that feature in the novel, the illustrations and ‘Where’s Jenkins’ game. Currently, the OpenSea floor price sits at 0.51 ETH, an impressive feat during the current bear market.

Similarly, Azurbala is a related collection. Bored & Dangerous holders can burn their NFTs in exchange for an Azur Root (a sacred item within Azurbala that can be redeemed for a PFP NFT). Azurbala, in comparison to the Bored & Dangerous collection, is a fantasy based work. Each faction (including House Calypso, The Sprawls, and more) that makes up Azurbala has its own dedicated experience on the site.

On the other hand,  Renga is a vastly different storytelling NFT collection. Started by Dirty Robot Works, it is a handcrafted collection of 10,000 characters. The collection is vast, containing the identity of the characters within it. In its purest form, as their OpenSea reads: “RENGA is the art of storytelling.” Currently, the floor price is 1.39 ETH, a huge, impressive number. Community, art, and inspiration inspired this impressive collection.

The Potential for the Future of Collaborative Communities

Overall, the ambition of these projects and their communities is clear. As a result, Storytelling NFTs, if built correctly, could become a massive part of the NFT space. It is clear to see that these types of projects are becoming increasingly popular, so we will wait to see if this is the future of the NFT space. Though it seems a niche space, it is one that so many people are excited about.

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