STRMNFT Celebrates Artists’ Day By Opening Its First Creator Program

strmnft marketplace creator program

In the last few months since its launch, the NFT marketplace STRMNFT has grown to be a destination for many emerging creators. In celebration of the upcoming International Artist Day, the marketplace proves its commitment to supporting rising artists by opening its first creator program.

strmnft marketplace creator program

STRMNFT Launch their creator program, zeroing in on their main motivation: NFT artists

What is the STRMNFT Creator Program?

Launched on October 19, this program is set to be a starting point for creators, photographers, and other digital artists who aspire to manifest their creativity in the form of NFTs. STRMNFT promises to provide a set of exclusive benefits to creators who will join the program.

The creator program helps new creators with their first step into the NFT space. Mainly, STRMNFT provides specialized technical support so creators can mint their NFT collections with ease. Upon launching a collection, creators have the chance to gain exposure from STRMNFT’s growing community. In short, STRMNFT creators  have the chance to  get featured on its social media channels.

What is more, creators’ new collections may also feature on STRMNFT’s homepage. Not only that, but creators may also join exclusive interviews on STRMNFT’s podcast, have a better chance to get a verification badge for their channels and collections, and much more.

STRMNFT: From Launch to Success

Since its launch, the marketplace has drawn the attention of many NFT collectors, small creators, and other internet users. This is because STRMNFT tuned its interface to be tailored for everyone. As a result of its continued development and improvements, STRMNFT has 75,000 users on its platform. Additionally, it boasts over 200,000 social media followers to date.

During the same period, the marketplace implemented many updates and released new features based on feedback from users and creators. This included integrating the bulk minting without any development tools; an additional layer of security with two-step verification; customizable collections with dedicated creator channels; and much more.

STRMNFT has already shown success with some notable partnerships on the platform. For example, it partnered with TNC Art, a team of digital artists boasting over 30,000 NFTs . Among the most successful collections was the Lady Ape Club (LAC), which most of its NFTs sold out within hours of launch on STRMNFT.

The blockchain company StreamCoin launched STRMNFT in May this year. In essence, StreamCoin is developing an ecosystem for NFTs and live-streaming applications with STRMNFT as its flagship product.

Get involved with STRMNFT

Interested creators who want to join the program can apply using the official form.

To inquire about the new program, STRMNFT encourages creators to reach out to any of its social media channels by sending a direct message with the hashtag #STRMNFTcreator. Get in contact with STRMNFT via their: Telegram, Discord, Twitter,  or Facebook channels.