A Guide To The Superlative Secret Society NFT Collection

Superlative Secret Society is making waves in the NFT scene with its eye-catching art and formidable community. The project features a unique collection of 11,111 programmatically generated art avatars made using more than 220 pieces of aesthetic, hand-drawn artwork.

Since the launch last month, the project has pulled in a lifetime tradeable volume of 3500 ETH or $13.5 Million on OpenSea. Moreover, the floor price currently sits at .36 ETH, which is still on the upside compared to the 0.079 ETH cost of minting.

NFT Blogs and Charts are bullish about this project is because it has recently achieved 50% unique ownership. This means that the SuperlativeSS NFTs are in the hands of +5555 Unique collectors. This is a massive milestone for the project because only a few NFT collections have reached such exceptional community standards.

Superlative Secret Society

The project features the eye-catching and colorful art of Indonesia Artist Arief Witjaksana. NFTs owner Credit: Superlative Secret Society

What is The Superlative Secret Society?


According to the website, the SuperlativeSS  NFTs are not humans, robots, animals or aliens. They are metaphysical beings that inhabit the Superlative Multiverse and appear to us as pieces of art. Each SuperlativeSS NFT comprises eight core traits: galaxy glitter, background, foreground, head, body, muffler, necklace and orb.  Inspired by primary personality traits, the 220 traits carried varying rarity.

The project aims to support the next generation of artists through the SuperlativeSS Foundation. Thus, they will invest proceeds from the initial sale and the secondary sale of SSS NFTs in order to achieve this goal. The Foundation will help emerging artists through the entire process of creating and marketing their work.

Who Created The Superlative Secret Society NFT Collection?

Much of the inspiration for the SSS NFT project comes from the history of secret societies and medieval guilds. In this context, the benefits are bestowed upon both the collective and individual members. The whole collection is the work of Indonesia Artist Arief Witjaksana, who has brought every piece to life using his signature, hand-drawn and colorful style.

Superlative Secret Society x Sabet NFT

Aside from NFT Collectors, the project is also attracting the attention of leading NFT artists like Sabet. Credit: OpenSea

SSS NFT Collaborations

The project has already attracted high-profile collaborations with leading artists in the space. Two days ago, the project announced a  Superlative Collaboration with the incredibly talented artist SABET! Sabet has collaborated with the likes of John Varvatos and Montblanc. The two came together beautifully for Witjaksana’s take on Sabet’s genesis piece “Galaxy Sailor,” which is now on OpenSea. As a treat to the community, the partners are giving away three NFTs from this Collaboration, so make sure you follow them on Twitter.

Roadmap: Off to Bali!

The project is on a mission to deliver real-world utility to the NFT holders. The crown jewel of the roadmap is to put up an art gallery in Bali that will display all NFTs. Why Bali? According to the team, they chose Bali because it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has stunning beaches, magical temples, breathtaking mountains, scenic lakes and tumbling waterfalls. In addition, it is widely recognized as one of the most popular places to visit in the world, so the SuperlativeSS Gallery will fit right in.

In parallel, the team will also stage a global tour with popup galleries planned in Jakarta, London and New York. And of course, the galleries will have a Metaverse counterpart that will grant NFT holders exclusive access, giveaways and opportunities to display and trade their art.

The project is barely a month old, so visit their website and Twitter account if you want to get into it!

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