SuperPlastic Is Releasing Mutant Ape Vinyl Toys This Week!

SuperPlastic Mutant Ape vinyl toys

After a successful BAYC Curtis vinyl toy drop, high-end vinyl toy maker, SuperPlastic is back with another BAYC-inspired collection. This time, SuperPlastic is dropping vinyl toys inspired by Mutant Apes. The “Meet the Melvins” line of toys will launch this Thursday, August 18 with two sets of toys. Let’s take a closer look at what the SuperPlastic Mutant Ape toys are all about!

SuperPlastic Mutant Ape vinyl toys

The SuperPlastic Mutant Ape vinyls will drop tomorrow. Credit: SuperPlastic

About the SuperPlastic Mutant Ape toys

Essentially, the Meet the Melvins Superbored collection is based on Mutant Ape #1590. The six trait M1 mutant features a gold grill grin, sunglasses, and a fisherman’s hat. The SuperPlastic Mutant Ape toys are available in two different editions: one MAYC or SuperPlastic NFT holder exclusive toy and one public toy. 

Melvin, the NFT holder exclusive edition, is available only for those holding a Mutant Ape or a Superplastic NFT. The toys will be available only for 30 minutes, starting at 1 PM EST on August 18. Meanwhile, Melvin 2.0 is available to the public starting at 2 PM EST on August 18. This too will be available only for 30 minutes. Both the editions will cost $222 in fiat. 

“MEET THE MELVINS, the NEW SUPERBORED vinyl that features ridiculously mutated sculpts in two unique colorways that look like they’ve come straight from Davey Jones’ locker,” says the SuperPlastic website. “The Melvin’s stand at 13-INCHES featuring chromed out grills and outfits that are practically falling off with how mutilated they are.”

SuperPlastic x BAYC

SuperPlastic first collaborated with BAYC in April this year. At the time, it released five 13-inch vinyl art toys as part of the Superboard toys line. The BAYC Curtis, exclusive for BAYC holders, cost $222 and was sold out in no time. 

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