SuperRare Announces Its New NFT Collector Pass: RarePass

SuperRare Rare Pass

SuperRare, the NFT art market, announces their new collector’s pass, RarePass:Genesis. This pass is a year-long crypto art experience, including monthly drops from SuperRare’s most significant artists. Additionally, each holder will get airdropped a total of 24 artworks. The pass will go live through an auction on SuperRare’s website on November 15th.

SuperRare Rare Pass

RarePass Genesis token created by 3D artist Alessio de Vecchi. Credit: SuperRare

What you need to know about the SuperRare RarePass

The SuperRare RarePass provides a great opportunity to collect premium art from some of the most sought-after artists. It is a collection of 250 passes, making it extremely exclusive. To clarify, for the year-long experience, pass holders will receive one airdrop per month (3 distributions per month). The 12 artists will create a series of 250 unique pieces. These include artists such as Anne Spalter, Carlos Marcial, Coldie, Helena Sarin, Krista Kim, Matt Kane, OSF, Other World, Pindar Van Arman, Robness, Sarah Zucker, and XCOPY.


All Time High in the City by XCOPY (Last sale price: $6.1m). Credit: SuperRare

In addition, 12 “Special Release Artists” will create three 1/1 artworks each month. They will be given away randomly to RarePass holders. These include artists such as ALIENQUEEN, Botto. DieWithTheMostLikes, Drift, Killer Acid, MadMaraca, omentejovem, Osinachi, Sam Spratt, Tjo, and Yosnier.  RarePass holders will also have access to additional benefits, such as access to a private community. In summary, holders will not only receive artwork from the airdrop artists but will also have the chance to receive artwork from the Special Release Artists. This 2-in-1 deal is every collector’s dream!

MadMaraca art

Ithakros by MadMaraca (Last sale price: $52.2k). Credit: SuperRare

The launch details

The first RarePass will launch on SuperRare as a 24-hour auction on November 15 at 10 am EST.  The winning bid will determine the starting price of the dutch auction on November 16 at 1 pm EST. It’s worth noting that 6 passes will be randomly given away (two to existing collectors, 2 to existing artists and 2 to existing $RARE token holders). Keep in mind that there will only be 208 passes available at the dutch auction. Furthermore, the price of the pass will decrease every 15 minutes for 6 hours until 7 pm EST. Potential buyers may use ETH or USD to purchase a pass.

About SuperRare

Founded in 2018, the digital NFT marketplace has amassed a staggering $280M in total sales. In addition, more than $165M earned by digital artists up to now. The decentralized platform contains original artworks only from renowned digital creatives. Platform token holders can vote for certain artists to be added to the platform using their $RARE token. Their mission is to reinvent the art market through tokenomics and digital art. Further, they’ve ensured their market is easy to navigate, making digital ownership and trading uncomplicated. The easily accessible NFT platform puts power back into the people’s hands. SuperRare has positioned itself well for this shift toward digital art. Co-founder Jonathan Perkins said the following about the effect SuperRare has had on artists:

“The most exciting and rewarding aspect has been seeing the massive positive impact on artists’ lives. For example, artist Carlos Marcial has been able to not only move his family out of Mexico City to a safer area near the beach due to his art sales but recently posted that he helped pay off his mother’s house as well. Stories like this are increasingly common, but never cease to put a smile on my face” (FAD Magazine, 2021).

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