The 6 Best NFT Games You Can’t Miss in 2022

Amid the NFT mania that has gripped the world, NFT gaming is growing in leaps and bounds. From Axie Infinity to MOBOX and Bomb Crypto, NFT games have become quite the rage. The primary reason for the growing interest in NFT games is the play-to-earn element that comes with many of them. Basically, these games have opened up a means for people to earn by playing games.

NFT gaming possibilities are only going to grow this year. Whether you are simply on the lookout for a captivating NFT game or want to earn by trading in-game assets, let’s take a look at the best NFT games!

Crazy Defense Heroes Game in action

NFT-based blockchain games are heating up! Credits: DappRadar

But, first, let’s see how NFTs are used in NFT games.

How are NFTs used in games?

In a nutshell, NFT games use NFTs in almost all aspects of the game, including characters, rules, player interactions, and more. The most common use of NFTs in-game is as characters. Take for example Axie Infinity. Here, players use NFT characters called Axies to battle other players. Alternatively, any digital items in the game can also be NFTs. These can be treasures, weapons, wearables, or even potions and spells. 

In traditional games, a centralized entity owns the games’ assets and these usually have no value outside the game. In contrast, in NFT games, the players can buy, collect, and sell the NFTs in the game’s marketplace or on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. In other words, thanks to blockchain technology, they truly own the NFTs. This way, they can earn an income, making NFT games a favourite among gamers. 

Some NFT games also allow users to stake their NFTs to earn rewards. Several also support interoperability, meaning, the same assets can be used in multiple games. With all these perks, NFT gaming is truly revolutionising the gaming industry!

Best NFT games to know in 2022

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s explore some of the best NFT games in the market!

Axie Infinity

When it comes to NFT games, Axie Infinity steals the show. It is the biggest play-to-earn game in the industry and the first to cross $1 billion in sales. Today, it boasts an all-time trading volume of over $4 billion. Developed by Vietnamese startup, Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity takes inspiration from the Pokémon universe. In the game, users have to collect digital pets—Axies and battle other players to rake in rewards. Players can also breed these NFT monsters. 

Axies in Axie Infinity game surrounded by coins

As the biggest play-to-earn game, Axie Infinity is a must-try! Credits: Axie Infinity

Along with Axies, the game has two other tokens: Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). SLPs are the rewards players get while playing different game modes. On the other hand, AXS works as a governance token, holding which gives the player voting rights in the game. Today, while an Axie costs an average of $206.31, AXS is trading at $52.21. 

Bomb Crypto

Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Bomb Crypto is one of the hottest NFT games you must try in 2022. In fact, it won the best blockchain game award in 2021. As per DappRadar data, the game takes the second spot in terms of the highest number of players in the last 30 days. Besides, it has generated over $157 million in trading volume in the same time period. 

Homepage of Bomb Crypto NFT game featuring various characters

This NFT pixel game involves characters called Bomber Heroes. Credits: Bomb Crypto

Bomb Crypto is a play-to-earn, NFT pixel game that revolves around characters called Bomber Heroes. Heroes are NFTs that come with six power stats: Power, Bomb Range, Stamina, Speed, Bomb, and Ability. They also come with varying rarities, including common, rare, super rare, epic, and legendary. The game offers three different game modes: autoplay mode, story mode, and PVP.

In the first, Players can use the Heroes to plant bombs and search for BCOIN, the game’s native currency. In story mode, players can fight monsters to receive valuable items. Lastly, in PVP, Heroes can battle other players to win NFT rewards. The simple gameplay makes it one of the best NFT games to try, especially if you are just venturing into the NFT gaming world.


MOBOX is a popular NFT gaming ecosystem. Based on BSC, MOBOX is a Free-to-Play-to-Earn (F2P2E) platform that brings together DeFi yield farming and farming NFTs. Basically, it has three major components: NFT marketplace, NFT creator, and game creator. In the marketplace, players can trade and rent MOMO NFTs. While the NFT creator offers a set of tools for users to create their own NFTs, the game creator offers APIs to develop and launch games on the platform. 

MOBOX's metaverse map

A glimpse into the MOMOverse. Credits: MOBOX

The platform also has a cross-platform metaverse called MOMOverse. Here, players can create their own content or enjoy others’ creations and earn rewards in return. The more active a player is, the more rewards they can earn. Players can traverse the metaverse as MOMO avatars—unique ERC-721 NFTs. Within the MOMOverse, there live cute NFT creatures called MOMOs. To earn MOMO NFTs, players have to farm and battle in various games. NFT Farmer, Blockchain Brawler, and Token Master are some of the games available on the platform.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is a new play-to-earn mobile game on the Polygon blockchain. Developed by Animoca Brands, it’s a sequel to the developer’s Crazy Kings game. It’s a tower defense game with RPG elements as well as card collectibles and multiplayer modes. Players can come up with their own defense strategy through a combination of towers, spells, heroes, and equipment cards. They can also choose different tower types and backgrounds. 

NFT characters in Crazy Defense Heroes blockchain game

Crazy Defense Heroes is a new game from Animoca Brands. Credits: Crazy Defense Heroes

TOWER is the game’s native currency, which players can use to make transactions in-game. Players can earn the token by playing the games on the Tower platform, including Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. The game has been climbing the charts and currently holds the 8th rank for games with the highest number of users in the last 30 days. With the backing of Animoca Brands, the game is undoubtedly one of the best NFT games to watch out for this year. 

Alien Worlds

No best NFT games list is complete without mentioning Alien Worlds. If you are a metaverse fan, then this game is for you! Essentially, it is an NFT DeFi metaverse on the Ethereum, WAX, and BSC blockchains. A play-to-earn, free-to-play browser game, it is one of the fastest-growing NFT games in the market. Today, it is the top-most game with the highest user base. In the past 30 days alone, the number of users of the game crossed 1.23 million!

NFT game Alien Worlds logo

Alien Worlds currently has the highest user base. Credits: Alien Worlds

Now, let’s look at the gameplay. In a nutshell, players have to explore the metaverse across seven planets and mine the token called Trilium (TLM). You can either use TLM to purchase NFTs or stake it for voting rights in the game. Interestingly, each planet is a DAO, with its own elected government. So, what about the NFTs? Essentially, everything in the game—from land to avatars and tools—are NFTs. As with other NFT games, you can trade these assets with others. 

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a recently-launched Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game on the BSC blockchain. Here, players, along with their friends, can create teams and battle others in various gameplay modes such as Battle Royale, Superstar, and Deathmatch. The simple gameplay and attractive graphics have made the game quite popular among MOBA game fans. In fact, the game currently has over 22 million players!

Thetan Arena’s gameplay revolves around NFT characters called “Heroes”. These characters are available in three classes: Assassin, Marksman, and Tank. Additionally, the game offers two tokens—Thetan Coins (THC) and Thetan Gem (THG). While the former is the main in-game currency that players can receive as rewards, the latter is a governance token. Players can also use THG to evolve their Heroes or stake it to earn rewards. 

Trading cards of Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena’s NFTs come in different rarities. Credits: Thetan Arena

How to start playing NFT games?

Once you have found a game of your liking, you can start playing by purchasing the game’s asset. For this, you’ll need a crypto wallet and some cryptocurrency to buy the tokens. Then, simply sign up on the game’s website, purchase the NFT from their marketplace, and start gaming!

While we have only listed six of the best NFT games, the list is in no way exhaustive. There are several other games you can try out, including Illuvium, Idle Mystic, Galaxy Fight Club, and Gods Unchained. As the NFT gaming space evolves, developers will launch several new NFT games. In order to not miss any updates on the latest and upcoming NFT games, make sure to keep an eye on NFTevening’s dedicated Blockchain Games section

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