The Art Auction Event of the Year: Jack Butcher’s Critically Acclaimed Collection Comes to Christie’s 3.0!

Still from Jack Butcher

Jack Butcher, the artist behind the hugely successful open edition NFT collection, Checks, is releasing new digital and physical generative works via Christie’s 3.0. The Checks collections have amassed over 74,000 ETH in total volume. Learning this, this collection will catch your interest. Here’s everything you need to know.

Still from Jack Butcher

Jack Butchers Latest Release – Checks Elements

Jack Butcher’s New Collection Comes to Christie’s 3.0

Notable Web3 name and artist behind Checks, Jack Butcher, has recently announced the release of a new limited edition generative collection. The latest release, Checks Elements, is part of a 152-piece collection of monoprints and non-fungible token pairs. Additionally, the collection explores the elemental relationship between digital and physical art. Also, the collection is brought to life in collaboration with esteemed printer Jean Milant of Cirrus Editions, Los Angeles.

If this interests you, bidding opens and runs from May 16th to May 23rd, 2023. In addition, the auction will take place via Christie’s Web3 platform and it comprises three digital concepts of social media verification. 

Currently, the bids on the three pieces stand at, 3.63 ETH (Earth), 3.1 ETH (Air), and 6 ETH (Water). Unfortunately for the average NFT enthusiast, rich collectors and ‘Whales’ will likely outbid us. Despite this, it’s still nice to observe and appreciate Jack Butcher’s art auction event of the year. 

About the Artist

Above all, Jack Butcher is a well-known artist, designer, content creator, entrepreneur, and creator of the Checks NFT collection. Furthermore, he is also the founder of Visualize Value, a communications channel that creates unique pieces of art and offers insight into becoming a crypto artist.

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