The Chatbot and AI conference will to turn your personality into an NFT

Chatbot and AI

The Chatbot and AI Conference this year will be held in the metaverse. Additionally, they have started an NFT that allows users to show off their personalities with those involved in the conference and the wider NFT community.

Chatbot and AI

About the Chatbot and AI Conference

The Chatbot and AI Conference has been historically had been held in the real world until now. The conference advises people on how to improve their business through the use of Chatbots and AI and looks at how major companies have historically worked on these parts of their business.

The main topics to be discussed during the event are as follows. AI in customer service, Voice and Virtual Assistance, Robotic Process Automation, Design and UX, Neuro-linguistic programming and Natural-language understanding.

Now, this year, the conference is set to be held in the metaverse. This makes a lot of sense for the organisation. The metaverse will allow people to connect online in a “more embodied experience”. What’s more, it will let those going to “walk around, meet people, talk to the speakers and even have a happy hour” easier virtually.

Several large-name speakers are talking at the event. This includes Rob Lawson at Google, Pooja Mistry at IBM and Yakir Buskilla at These are a few names of many who will be giving advice on the previously discussed topics. You can find out more on the website.

You can now RSVP for the Spring of 2022 event. They are looking at dates in early April of 2022. This is the ideal time to RSVP and save, according to them.

Metaverse and NFT-involved events may have a huge future in the wider events space. This will be if those involved can execute properly. The main gain of these events is the low costs for all with travel, venue rental and others being erased.

About Personality NFTs

Personality NFTs will be first introduced at this year’s Chatbot and AI conference. The NFTs allow people to turn their personalities into an NFT. To find their traits, Personality NFT has “developed the most complete Psychometrics Test which includes Big 5 personality traits, values, identity and allows to predict future behaviour.”

The first 1,000 items will be included with custom design parts, and the project has named them as collector items. In detail, they will provide access to later projects.

Particularly, these Personality NFTs will be in full flow at the conference. They will basically let people who cross paths to instantly see what people are like, and if they’re like-minded, hopefully, build future relations. Through the NFTs, people will generally have an idea of their traits, values and identity.

Both Personality NFT and the Chatbot and AI Conference are very excited about the future things that the NFTs can offer to the conference and the crypto space, NFTs and the trades like AI and chatbots.


Altogether, you can learn more about the Chatbot and AI conference here. And more about the Personality NFTs here.

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