The Doge Pound: The Meme NFT Collection With Community

The Doge Pound NFT collection started off as a friendly PFP project. Today, it has developed into one of the largest communities of dog lovers committed to helping dogs across the globe. Let’s take a look at their fulfilling journey and how the project is evolving.

The Doge Pound

The best web3 community for dog lovers. Credit: @IGDude69

Who is The Doge Pound NFT?

In essence, The Doge Pound NFT collection features 10k dog-themed NFTs, each having a unique combination of traits. This includes their image background, clothing, earring, eyes, eyewear, mouth, fur, and hat. Since then, the team has also released various other collections such as Doge Pound Puppies, Halloween, Christmas, Diamond Paws, and the Founders Token.

The Doge Pound NFT grants access to many members-only benefits. This includes early access to new releases, upcoming P2E games, conferences, gaming events, and exclusive presale opportunities. Apart from that, what has founder John Lemon and his Doge Pound team been up to so far?

Not just a meme NFT collection

The project’s most glaring achievement is the number of collaborations it’s had with big names in the NFT and crypto space. Besides being a Coinbase official partner, they also work closely with Binance, FTX, and Mintverse. In addition, they are partnering with several game studios in their push into GameFi and the metaverse. They include DeRace, Evaverse, My Pet Hooligan, and others.

Next, The Doge Pound LaunchPad plays an important role in the NFT space in helping new projects take off. Some successful launchpad projects include Deez NFTs and JRNY Club.

The community also enjoys a wide range of Doge Pound NFT merch, featuring some of the sickest designs in the space. The team partnered with Maddie’s to offer hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, beanies, onesies, pillows, and many others.

The Doge Pound merch

Official Doge Pound Studios Unisex Heavy Blend™ Hooded Sweatshirt. Credit: Maddie’s

The Doge Pound Shelter

As the largest community of dog-lovers in all of web3, they are committed to helping dogs across the globe. Every NFT sale contributes directly to building the Doge Pound Shelter, the largest dog rescue shelter in East Africa. As we speak, many dogs in Tanzania suffer from abuse, abandonment, injury and illness.

This initiative will rescue, sterilize and treat street dogs in need. They will also implement outreach vaccination and animal welfare programs to mitigate the level of suffering. Given that they do not receive any government funding, you are always welcome to donate to their funds.

The Doge Pound

The Doge Pound Shelter. Credit: @TheDogePoundNFT

And then there’s Doge Pound Studios

Blockchain gaming is another space that the team is deeply passionate about. Collectively, the gaming team has plenty of experience in developing mobile games, with over 300m downloads to date. Now, they will focus on developing a play-to-earn game, as well as several metaverse initiatives.

To be precise, Manic Games, The Feeding Game, and an open metaverse are currently in the pipeline. The team releases frequent updates for these projects through their regular The Doge Pound Roundup series.

If gaming is your thing, you can sign up to be an early beta tester as well. Always feels great to have early access right? Just hop on their Discord to find out more.

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