The Future is Phygital for World’s First MetaHuman Supermodel Eva Herzigová

Supermodel Eva Herzigová has her very own real-time 3D phygital human, also known as a “MetaHuman”. Leading talent agency Unsigned and virtual production studio Dimension announced the partnership. A 70-camera rig scanned real life model Eva to create her digital duplicate. The scans generate data used by a team of character artists to recreate her as a 3D MetaHuman.

A team then gave Eva’s likeness virtual clothing, hair, and make-up. Moreover, there were extra steps taken to perfect her signature walk. The supermodel participated in a motion capture shoot using Vicon systems to track the movement of her face and body.

a picture of supermodel Eva Herzigova's phygital model replica

Phygital Models: The Future of the Fashion Industry?

The MetaHuman avatar can re-dress, pose, restyle hair and make-up, along with animated body and facial expressions. This is via motion capture or traditional animation. This provides a multitude of real-time applications. These include virtual fashion shows in VR, 3D browser-based experiences, modeling digital wearables, live video streams, online games, in live broadcast, as well as 2D video and stills.

Eva Herzigová also expressed her excitement about the creation of her MetaHuman, stating “The process of giving birth to my MetaHuman (digital human) has been incredible, it genuinely feels a mother-like experience: creating every aspect of me, as me. My skin and bone, the way that I move, frown, smile: and at the same time everything can be changed at the flick of a switch or the drag of a mouse. My look, smile, background, age: everything can be changed and adjusted. MetaHuman gets to go off to work, to be photographed and styled by the most incredible creative minds, today I can be in London, Paris, Milan and New York, all whilst at home cooking dinner with my children.

a picture of supermodel Eva Herzigova's phygital model replica

This project marks Unsigned’s first step into the digital world of talent representation and co-owning IP with those they represent. Moreover, Eva is the first ever real-life supermodel to debut as a hyper-real 3D avatar. The MetaHuman uses Epic Games’ MetaHuman technology. This is a complete “phygital” framework to create and animate highly realistic human characters. This technology has its uses in games, fashion, filmmaking, or any other Unreal Engine project.

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