The Newest NFT Collectibles From Down Under, the Koala Intelligence Agency

The Koala Intelligence Agency (KIA), a collection of Secret Agent koalas, is the latest NFT collectibles shaking up things in the NFT-verse. Just five days after their launch last month, the KIA NFT koalas raked up around $3.5 million in total volume. 

Today, they have a market cap of 4,743 ETH or around $18 million, according to CoinGecko. The koala “agents” call themselves “Protectors of Mother Earth”. Let’s dive deep into the world of the Koala Intelligence Agency (KIA) NFT collection.

Koala Intelligence Agency NFT Collectibles

The Koala Intelligence Agency consists of 10,000 unique Koala NFTs. Credits: K.I.A

What is the Koala Intelligence Agency?

The Koala Intelligence Agency (K.I.A) is an NFT collection of 10,000 unique Koalas. According to its website, the Koalas are “fully trained and prepared to deploy”.

“They are masters of disguise, sifting their way through the general public without a shred of evidence left behind,” they add.

Even before the Koalas were launched on August 24, there was much hype surrounding the project in the community. As soon as the project went live, collectors began minting the cute koalas left, right, and centre. Soon, Twitter was flooded with images of minted Koalas. Moreover, K.I.A has already garnered a 21,000-strong fan following on Twitter. Their Discord channel, meanwhile, has crossed 16,100 members (at the time of writing).

One of the major reasons the Koalas are a big hit is their creative artwork. With a range of clothes, colourful accessories, and skins, these Koalas appeal to the wider NFT community. As with most NFT collectibles, a Koala’s value also depends on its rare traits. Some of the scarcer traits are Lazer Eyes, Alien Koala, and the Hazmat Suit.

According to K.I.A Co-founder Lakoz, the project’s aim was to “combine a good story, great art with relatable traits and a strong sense of community”. Additionally, much of the inspiration for the collection came from Co-founder J3’s “spirit animal” – the koala.

“Every day we continue to be amazed by how rapidly the project is growing and its popularity in the space,” Lakoz told Yahoo.

If you are interested in getting yourself a Koala, head over to OpenSea!

Koala Intelligence Agency NFT collectibles

Koala Agents of Koala Intelligence Agency. Credits: K.I.A

K.I.A offers special benefits to holders

Along with its attractive artworks, there’s another factor that draws collectors to the Koalas: the perks that come with these NFTs. The agents give owners added benefits such as access to top-secret missions and other experimental projects that are yet to come. Some rare Koalas also offer special access to K.I.A.

One of the perks is access to a “Private Koala Network”, a regulated Discord Channel for koala holders. Additionally, owners can enter the Koala Headquarters using the unique entry code that comes with every Koala. 

Koala Intelligence Agency NFT collectibles headquarters

Koala Intelligence Agency Headquarters. Credits: K.I.A

Another perk is the Geocache scavenger hunt. In this, NFT owners can hunt down real-life “stealthily located crates” for prizes. Whoever locates these will win a range of rewards, including ETH and NFTs. 

Next on the list is “Top Secret experimental opportunities” for the koala agents. These are future missions for Koalas that will be unveiled in due time.

Furthermore, the K.I.A is taking crypto education a step further with its Koala Academy. “The Agency are dedicated to the continuance of crypto education within and throughout the K.I.A’s ongoing missions,” the agency notes.

To facilitate this, the K.I.A will distribute crypto educational materials free of cost to the community, ultimately helping to expand the crypto and NFT space. With this, the team behind K.I.A aims to teach and aid in the community’s growth and development.

Notable Koala Intelligence Agency sales

Thanks to their growing popularity, some of these Koalas have fetched their owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. Koala Agent #6969 or ‘Agent K’, a rare koala in a ‘Men in Black’ setup, was recently sold for $154,600. 

Amid the hype around these new NFTs, several high-profile NFT enthusiasts have bought some of the Koalas, further increasing their popularity. VeeFriends Founder Gary Vee, for instance, bought a rare K.I.A agent for an estimated $74,000. Called ‘Femme Fatale’, Koala Agent #3000 is one of the five super-rare Koala agents.

Koala Intelligence Agency NFT Collectible Femme Fatale

Gary Vee bought Koala Agent #3000: Femme Fatale. Credits: OpenSea

Meanwhile, Future Star Music Group Founder Brian Garrett has added Koala Agent #9599 to his NFT collection. On the other hand, YouTuber and NFT enthusiast Logan Paul owns Koala Agent #4756.

Another proud K.I.A NFT holder is Faze Banks, Co-founder of e-sports organization FaZe Clan. He holds not one, but four koala agents in his OpenSea wallet: #2501, #4656, #960, and #3140. Among this, Koala Agent #4656 costs the most and is worth around $47,000. Its alien fur, a rare trait, makes it an attractive collectible to own. A field agent, its other features include a Cyclops head and an Angry mouth.

Four Koala NFTs of Koala Intelligence Agency Collectibles

Faze Banks’ OpenSea wallet showing his Koala NFTs. Credits: OpenSea

At the time of writing, the average price of a K.I.A NFT was $2,600, according to NFT Stats. On OpenSea, these cute Koalas have 4,800 owners. Meanwhile, in the past seven days alone, the project has generated $4.33 million in trading volume.

What lies ahead for K.I.A NFTs?

The Koala Intelligence Agency has several extensive plans in its pipeline for their NFT collectibles. In terms of charity, it has plans to donate 12 ETH to the Australian Koala Foundation. Previously, the team had held an auction for Koala Agent 7 and donated 50% of the proceeds to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Currently, the team is also building its own “Koala Gallery”. While K.I.A loves OpenSea, it noted, the site sometimes “crashes due to massive volume.” Hence, it is building its own gallery where Koala holders can view their NFTs any time. The gallery will have less traffic compared to OpenSea, will function as a platform for authentic Kola links, and have easy onboarding capabilities.

Koala Intelligence Agency tweet

Tweet from Koala Intelligence Agency via @KoalaAgencyNFT

The Koala Intelligence Agency (KIA) proves what a dedicated community can do for an NFT project. In such a short span of time, the project has achieved some remarkable feats. What it accomplishes in the coming weeks and months, how it delivers on its promises, and what it comes up with for its community, will play a crucial role in its long-term success. But for now, we’re just loving these marsupial-themed avatars from the KIA NFT collection!

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