The NFL and Bud Light Announce An NFT Powered Contest To Win Prize

Bud-Light NFL Collection

The new NFT-powered contest by NFL and Bud Light – the official NFL beer sponsor, will reward 21+ diehard football fans. Interestingly, the name of the contest is “Bud Light x NFL Ultimate Fandom – Survivor Pick’ Em 2022”. 


Bud Light x NFL Ultimate Fandom – Survivor Pick’ Em 2022 | Credit: Bud Light

According to Bud Light, you must stay in the game and build a 13 weeks streak to win Super Bowl LVII tickets at Arizona. Seemingly, it is time for diehard football fans to shine because there are various epic prizes to win. What do you think of the contest?

What Is Bud Light x NFL Ultimate Fandom Survivor Pick’ Em 2022?

According to Bud Light, you should first join the Bud Light Ultimate Fandom community to participate in the contest. Next, you must purchase an item from the new NFT collection — the Bud Light x NFL Team Can — to unlock entry into Survivor Pick’ Em game. Through the game, you can win prizes such as official NFL jerseys and tickets to Super Bowl LVII.

However, the sales of the NFTs don’t start until October 3. Also, even though you can purchase an NFT on Monday, you can’t unlock an entry in the Survivor Pick’ Em games until October 11.

In addition, NFL and Bud Light partnered with Vayner3 to build the Bud Light x NFL Team program on Flow blockchain.

How Does Bud Light x NFL Ultimate Fandom Survivor Pick’ Em 2022 Work?

Mainly, the game’s primary goal is for football fans to flex their fandoms. Through this process, fans can compete and stand a chance to win NFL prizes and experience. See how it works below.

  1. Purchase & Pick’ Em: Firstly, you should purchase an NFT to enter the game. After that, you can pick a  team you think will win each week. Since you can only choose a team per NFT, think wisely about it.
  1. Earn Streaks & Get Prizes: You will get a higher streak if you pick more winning teams. Afterwards, you should redeem streaks to have a chance to win rewards.
  1. Buy On The Marketplace: You can try again if you don’t make the correct guess.

Above all, there is a ‘notify me’ button on the Bud Lite site to set reminders.


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