The NFT Community Turns On Farokh: Are We Finally Over Influencers?


A section of CryptoTwitter has voiced its opinion against Farokh and his brand. Have we had enough of NFT influencers?


Farokh is now being accused of blocking dissidents. Credit: The Social Life

Self-confessed big NFT guy @itstylersays revealed a strange online encounter with Farokh. He tweeted: “This dude is the definition of toxic positivity but blocks me. I wish I could have the conversation but I was blocked before I had a chance.” On the other hand, Farokh accused @itstylersays of being a keyboard warrior, and not being able to have conversations aside from trolling.

@itstylersays’ followers immediately responded. @epicthundercat summed up the general feeling: “I don’t mind WAGMI if an artist uses it lol. I like it because I am bullish on myself but I don’t like it used by influencers as exit liquidity.”


The latest in a string of Farokh controversies.

Farokh and his controversies

Farokh is no stranger to controversies. Earlier this month, the Rug Radio founder and CEO of Goodlife Media & Communication joked about the utility and benefits of the OG (Original Garage) Social Club by Tai Lopez. CryptoTwitter immediately clapped back, accusing him of being a scammer. NFT enthusiasts also reminded him that he essentially pulled in 63 ETH in tradeable volume by selling baby photos.

The drama continued when Beanie’s new NFT collection featured a character that looked like Farokh as its main villain. The Rug Radio CEO casually responded to this drop, saying that what Beanie was doing was a play at increasing engagement.

The latest Twitter controversy involving Farokh happened a few days ago. This time around, Crypto Twitter accused him of pumping and dumping Cool Cats to make money off five Cool Cats NFTs.

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