The NFT Industry’s Most Hated Influencer: Beanie Is Back on Twitter

Beanie Twitter is alive

If you have been in the NFT space for the past couple of months, you probably heard about Beanie. There have been many allegations and suspicions thrown around NFT Twitter, many of which seem to point a finger at the investor/influencer/creator. Yesterday, Beanie released a long Twitter thread to express and defend himself from these allegations.

Beanie Twitter is alive

He’s back! Credit: @beaniemaxi

Beanie Plays Defense

After a few weeks hiatus, Beanie returns to speak his mind. In the thread, he distinguishes himself from other paid ‘influencers’ as he offers his NFT thoughts and advice for free. He felt that it was really unfair for people to throw him under the bus, especially by the very ones that he helped throughout their respective NFT journeys.

The NFT veteran also borrowed support from a tweet by NFT Ethics, creator of the mega-thread that exposed him earlier. The tweet acknowledged the many contributions that Beanie has brought to the NFT space through his content creation, which is unlike common scam rings these days.

In addition, Beanie also cited several successful NFT projects such as Pixel Vault, PUNKS Comic, MetaHero Universe, and Wolf Game. He has been publicly involved in these projects, and many within the community has clearly benefited.

In the Twitter thread, Beanie recognizes that many of the allegations were linked to the BGLD rug pull, and apologized over his negligence and ignorance. On the other hand, he emphasized that it is unrealistic to expect all projects to 100x. Furthermore, projects that do not meet expectations do not mean that they are scams.

Beanie admitted that while some of his predictions bore fruit, many have been disappointing. Nevertheless, he mentioned that he will not dispute every single allegation thrown at him.

Following the long Twitter thread, there were mixed reactions from the community. Some of them showed their support, while others did not buy it. A Twitter user created a poll within the thread asking if the community is going to embrace Beanie’s return. Out of 176 votes, 34.7% responded yes, while 65.3% did not seem too pleased.

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