The Possessed NFT: Everything About The Upcoming Flashy NFT Mint

Could The Possessed NFT collection be the next blue-chip NFT project-in-waiting? The exciting yet relatively secretive upcoming NFT collection has been making major waves on Twitter this year. So let’s learn more about the collection and why it is one of the most anticipated NFT drops of the year.

3 The Possessed NFTs in their static possessed state

These impressive animated NFTs will offer two different static PFPs for holders. Credit: The Possessed NFT

All the info on The Possessed NFT collection

The Possessed is a 10K collection of animated NFTs built around the theme of a contained outbreak. The NFTs come from a duo of creators: artist Joe (@whatthefurr) and developer Tom (@tmw_builds). The two, London-based creatives are doxxed and have published posts (linked above) about their experiences and inspirations.

The Possessed NF project does an impressive job of aligning its art and branding with its overall theme. To expand on that, the animation of the NFTs shows them transform from their “blessed” state to a “possessed” one. The idea is that we get to see the transformation the characters undergo as a result of the outbreak.

As far as other details of the NFT, the team is keeping things pretty close to the chest. That is to say that there aren’t too many hard details about The Possessed NFTs as of yet.

For one thing, there is no roadmap for The Possessed NFTs at the present time. With that said, the website promises that a roadmap of “future experiments” will come in the next few weeks and months. By the same token, the team has not opened up access to a Discord up to this point. So what do we know right now?

Well, while there is no specific mint date, the mint will apparently take place between April and June 2022. The team is also adding committed followers to the “Possessed Clinical Trials”. This is The Possessed NFT collection’s version of an allowlist for minting. The Possessed is awarding Clinical Trials spots via its Twitter account, as well as through other NFT communities.

3 The Possessed NFTs in their static blessed state

Along with the animated NFTs, holders will receive two PFP versions of their NFT – blessed (as shown here) and possessed (as shown in the first image). Credit: The Possessed

Could the collection follow other major 2022 NFT drops?

Despite not having a public Discord server or too much info out, The Possessed has gotten a lot of attention. If anything, the mystique around The Possessed is probably adding to its allure. Not to mention that the art is clearly speaking for itself. And if its social media following is anything to go by, the approach is working out so far.

Since launching in late January 2022, The Possessed official Twitter account has gained about 127,000 followers on Twitter. What’s more, every single one of its Twitter posts gets a ton of engagement, with thousands of people angling to earn a spot on the Clinical Trials list.

To be sure, The Possessed is following in the footsteps of some of the most hyped NFT drops of the past few months, and even some of the best performing NFTs of 2022. To list, its significant Twitter numbers call to mind projects such as Azuki, Invisible Friends, and 3Landers.

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