The Sandbox Launches A Polygon LAND Bridge

The Sandbox is ready to launch a LAND bridge to Polygon, the metaverse platform revealed in a tweet. The upgrade comes with many perks for LAND holders, including staking features and mSAND cashback!

image from the Sandbox metaverse

The Sandbox launches its Polygon bridge to improve users’ experience! Credit: The Sandbox

Why is The Sandbox deploying LAND to Polygon?

The giant metaverse project The Sandbox is making huge upgrades for all users – this time with its Polygon LAND bridge. In a tweet, the project founders advised all LAND holders to transfer their digital assets to Polygon – here’s why.

Up until now, all LAND collectibles from The Sandbox were stored on the Ethereum layer 1. However, the Polygon network (layer 2) comes with faster transactions and reduced gas fees.

Obviously, The Sandbox is encouraging deploying LAND to Polygon. For example, holders will receive a $10m SAND cashback for each LAND they bridge to Polygon! Furthermore, the team also brought back the SAND staking features, now via the Polygon network.

image of The Sandbox and Polygon bridge logos

The team shared the news of its upgrade and the upcoming perks via Twitter. Credit: The Sandbox

How can you use the Polygon Bridge?

In short, the Polygon Bridge is a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism within The Sandbox. You can easily use this bridge to transfer digital assets between Ethereum layer 1 and Polygon layer 2.

To begin with, you must enter your account within the Sandbox. Next, find the “bridge” feature and follow the step-by-step guide to transfer your digital assets. Note that this process will not affect the value, supply, or utility of your token.

To conclude, The Sandbox’s Polygon bridge feature is a major beneficial upgrade for the community. Soon enough, we’ll benefit from faster and cheaper transactions for a smooth Metaverse experience.

Meanwhile, the project is up to other real-life breakthroughs. Head over to our post here to check out the virtual version of TIME Square within The Sandbox!

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