The Sandbox Partners With Affyn to Enhance the Open Metaverse

The Sandbox and Affyn are partnering to create a more open metaverse

The Sandbox made a gigantic step forward toward mainstream adoption of the metaverse this week. The decentralized virtual world is partnering with Affyn, a Singapore-based game development and metaverse company, to bridge the two ecosystems. What do we know about the collaboration between The Sandbox and Affyn?

The Sandbox and Affyn are partnering to create a more open metaverse

The Sandbox and Affyn are working together to create a more open metaverse
Image Credit: Cryptowisser

What Does The Sandbox Partnering with Affyn Mean for the Metaverse?

As it currently stands, different metaverses operate as separate, unique silos. For the most part, players in one metaverse cannot interact with players in another metaverse. This hurdle is a huge impediment to the industry’s growth

After all, Metcalfe’s Law dictates that the value of any given network grows exponentially with its number of nodes. By allowing different metaverses, or nodes, to interoperate with one another, the full power of Metcalfe’s Law can finally be realized and help the metaverse become a bigger part of our lives.

The Sandbox and Affyn realize this opportunity. As a result, they have decided to work with one another to achieve a new open metaverse era in which different ecosystems can co-exist in one digital space. In the process, the two companies hope to create a first-of-its-kind metaverse experience for their users.

The Sandbox and Affyn are bridging their two ecosystems

The Sandbox and Affyn envision a metaverse full of bridges, not walls
Image Credit: The Sandbox

What do the Two Web3 Companies Have to Say About Their Shared Vision?

Lucaz Lee, CEO and co-founder of Affyn stated, “We couldn’t be more excited to unveil our partnership with The Sandbox. Our shared belief and vision of an open metaverse is the driving force behind this collaboration. We’re confident it will provide gamers, collaborators and virtual world enthusiasts with an even more immersive and interactive experience.”

George Wong, the Head of Singapore Sandbox, added, “We’re excited to see more platforms embracing interoperability as a choice rather than working in independent silos and we hope that this brings forth more creative opportunities and exciting use cases to collaboratively grow the metaverse experience.”

Affyn is set to reveal additional details about the partnership during the company’s upcoming keynote event today. Metaverse fans are sure to be excited by the news and step closer towards a true, decentralized open metaverse.

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