The SEX NFT Collection Brings You a Themed P2E Game and Private Clubs!

We all need love in our lives, and so does the metaverse. Thankfully, the Sex NFT collection is here to reveal the amazing creations resulting from its unique embryo NFT combinations!

With over 40k Discord members and 55k Twitter followers, this cartoon-style project aims to become the first educational platform in the Metaverse. Of course, its unique Play-to-Earn mechanics, private digital sex clubs, and charitable contributions will deliver a top dedicated experience for all community members.

If you’re curious to join this promising project and its 100 ETH ultra giveaway, let’s see what Sex NFT is all about!

digital collage of Sex NFTs

The Sex NFT collection consists of 6,900 colorful digital assets in the form of embryos and “Sex Hero” characters!

Sex NFT: everything you should know

In essence, Sex NFT is a collection of 6,900 unique digital assets in the form of embryos. They are divided into three categories as follows:

  • Boy sperm (3,000 NFTs)
  • Girl egg (3,000 NFTs)
  • Androgynous (900 NFTs)

Much like humans, these cartoon-style embryos are seeking love and affection – and you can help them out! How?

First of all, you can combine a Boy sperm NFT with a Girl egg NFT to receive a third NFT character called “Sex Hero.” This digital asset is free, and all you need is to hold the Boy Sperm and Girl egg NFTs in the same digital wallet.

By owning these two NFTs, you’ll also become eligible to purchase Androgynous embryo NFT. Accordingly, these are the rarest embryos, and they also feature outstanding unique traits. What’s more, buying an Androgynous embryo NFT will automatically bring an exclusive androgynous “Sex Hero” digital asset.

Image of four Sex NFTs

Holders can combine embryo NFTs to receive “Sex Hero” NFTs for free!

Pre-sale, public sale & minting prices

All free Sex Hero free NFTs will be airdropped one month after the public sale has been completed. Actually, the presale is already live. This means you can get your own embryo NFTs for 0.05 ETH on the official website!

Of course, you’ll also get a chance to mint NFTs during the public sale, set to begin on January 23rd at 7:00 UTC. However, prices may go up to 0.08 ETH per piece, so make sure to hurry!

The grand reveal of these amazing digital assets will happen on January 26th. Until then, let’s check out the amazing perks you’ll get as an NFT holder!

official poster of the Sex NFT ultra giveaway

Surprisingly, project admins will allocate 100 ETH to host an ultra giveaway for the community!

What do Sex NFT holders get?

Notably, Sex Hero NFT holders will be eligible to join the Ultra Gain Giveaway! Incredibly, this exclusive contest has a prize pool of 100 ETH. The lucky winners will receive – not just Ether – but also more free NFTs from this project and others of great value!

In fact, project admins promise to offer 4 outstanding NFTs of hyped projects with a total value of 42 ETH. These additional prizes will consist of 1 FLUF World NFT (25% mints), 1 World of Women NFT (50% mints), and 1 Cool Cats NFT (75%). When the collection sells out, the team will celebrate by offering 1 exclusive Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFT!

Nevertheless, all community members will be able to enjoy the following perks:

  • Earning a passive income: 25% of the income generated from merch, games, and other themed products will go to SEX NFT holders (distributed equally);
  • Private virtual sex clubs: this virtual space will feature experts from the field ready to educate the community. Here, users can also interact and share their experiences;
  • Play-to-Earn sex game: For this innovative experience, players will be able to combine their Sex Hero NFTs to create brand new, unique NFT characters. Notably, the characters will also be compatible with other NFT Avatar-style projects for increased value!
  • Charity contribution: The admin team will allocate up to 34 ETH to charitable organizations focusing on sexual physical and mental health. All NFT holders will be eligible to vote for their favorite charity.
  • Themed Comics: Although we can’t reveal much about this project, we can tell you it will involve some of the top comic book creators on the market – and the community too!

With so many exciting plans to come, the Sex NFT project will likely become one of the best-themed ecosystems to date. In order to stay tuned with the latest updates and giveaways, make sure to follow the project via Twitter and join the Discord channel. If you’re ready to join this amazing community, mint your first Sex NFT embryo on the official website!