The Six Dragons: The First Open-world RPG Blockchain Game

The Six Dragons is the world’s first open-world RPG blockchain game built on the Enjin blockchain. It is the flagship DeFi game from BlockPegnio, which focuses on blockchain-driven gaming innovation and play-to-earn mechanics.

In this role playing game, players can explore the vast open world, and venture into randomly created dungeons. Furthermore, they can fully own every item they discover, and create and buy or sell items inside as well as outside this DeFi game. 

The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons is an RPG blockchain game built on the Enjin blockchain. Credits: The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons features a rich fantasy open-world 

The Six Dragons is a feature-rich, open-world RPG set in the fantasy world of Nemberus. It spans across a 256km2 open-world and is replete with one billion dungeons and many surprises. The landscape is filled with forests, volcanos, mountains, rivers, castles – the list goes on!

The game allows players to choose from three different character class trees: warrior, mage, and cleric. However, if none of these fit your character – don’t worry. You can combine the 33 most desirable skills from each tree to create your perfect character! Once your character is ready, you can select their weapon. Incredibly, they have 26 varieties of swords, staffs, and maces to choose from.

Although The Six Dragons is a single-player RPG, you get to experience MMO with the help of AI companions. These can be recruited to carry out tasks such as standing with you during battles or hunting for loot. 

play to earn nft game The Six Dragons gameplay

An adventurer in action in the vast fantasy world of the game. Credits: The Six Dragons

NFTs, tokens and Play to Earn Mechanisms

The Six Dragons allows you to create weapons, items, equipment, and more on the blockchain. You are free to buy, sell, or trade these with other players. In this way, the game gives rise to a decentralized economy with real-world value.

Its not just play-to-earn mechanics: Late last year, the developers also introduced Governance NFTs into the game. Governance NFTs give voting power to players and each NFT counts as one vote. With these NFTs, players can vote on future developments and gameplay elements. Essentially, this means its a real DeFi game, with the players helping to build its future.  

Additionally, Governance NFT holders get another benefit: yield farming. This means that players get a portion of the earnings generated from on-chain game mechanics. This includes in-game mechanics such as crafting, equipment trading, or enchanting. 

play-to-earn and Defi Game The Six Dragons governance NFT

The Six Dragons Governance NFT. Credits: The Six Dragons

Meanwhile, all Governance NFT holders will get a new status, called Governor Status. With this, players will get many perks, including a new colour name. All these benefits, including the opportunity to play-to-earn, will be part of The Six Dragons PC and PS5 version releasing late this year. 

For all the latest updates, you can check the game’s blog, or connect with them on Twitter or Discord. If you are an RPG enthusiast, you can also check out other RPGs like Ethermon, Chainmonsters, or Cryptoblades.

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