Repus NFT: The 2nd Project from Superlative Secret Society

The REPUS NFT collection launched in February of 2022. After weeks of suspense, the much-anticipated REPUS NFT – the second NFT project of the Superlative Secret Society – was ready to mint. However, only Superlative Secret Society NFT and Artifact holders could mint a REPUS.

REPUS began minting on February 18, 2022, via the official SSS website.

Three images of REPUS NFTs

Three of the REPUS NFTs: REPUS 313, 2995, and 2090 (credit: OpenSea)


What is the Superlative Secret Society?

Superlative Secret Society is a striking collection of 11 thousand programmatically generated NFT avatars. The avatars represent the primary personality traits. Furthermore, they are 220 individual pieces of aesthetic, hand-drawn artwork. Meanwhile, SSS has a distinct look. The art sets them apart from many other collections. The art by Arief Witjaksana and the wider team is magnificently unique.

The Indonesian-based project has a large community. The Superlative DAO is an important voice for the project, and SSS prides itself on supporting the next generation of artists. Superlative Secret Society offers extensive utility and has its own IRL art gallery. Additionally, they will soon provide its members with the chance to win a trip to Bali – completely free of charge.

How does the REPUS NFT work?

REPUS continues the Mallacan lore established by the Superlative Secret Society team. According to the team, The REPUS are “a secret cult-like following whose sole mission was to conquer all Mallacan lands.”

Image of a Rebus NFT avatar

Superlative Secret Society holders had to decide whether to swap their Artifact for a REPUS NFT or keep hold of it for future use.

Inspired by the success and ingenuity of the BAYC serum, the Superlative DAO voted to take a similar approach. REPUS is a combination of the SSS team and the DAO. The Artifact is akin to the serum, and the REPUS is similar to the Mutant Ape. The team decided on this approach as it had many benefits, but significantly, it helped to slow down the introduction of REPUS into the market.

Before the mint, the team stated that “As an SSS holder, you may decide to hold your Artifact, claim a REPUS by burning your Artifact or not mint an Artifact at all”. The process was entirely free.

However, for those who did NOT mint an Artifact within the claim period (February 18th – February 20th, 2022), they could mint an Artifact at a later date. Once the Artifact was minted, the holder simply decided whether to keep holding an Artifact, or burn it to claim a REPUS.

Artifact Utility

Essentially, the Artifact utility is the ability to trade for a REPUS NFT. However, the Artifact has multiple uses. The Artifact is used for exclusive raffles, limited edition merchandise, SSS and REPUS NFT prints, the free mint of the next chapter of the Superlative NFT, and much more.

To Burn or Not to Burn? REPUS Sales Stats 

At present, there are 2.7k Artifacts remaining, and 4.1k REPUS on OpenSea. Therefore, not everyone chose to burn their Artifact. In terms of sales stats, like many second releases, it did not live up to the success of the maiden collection – Superlative Secret Society.

Still, just days after launch, REPUS NFTs were selling for 0.19ETH. This proved to be the ATH for the colourful collection, with the average all-time high settling around 0.08ETH. Now, the floor price is 0.01ETH. Furthermore, the total sales volume for REPUS is 66.1 ETH. Comparatively, Superlative Artifacts have a total volume of 39ETH, and Superlative Secret Society has an incredible 5018ETH volume.

What’s Next for REPUS and SSS? The Superlative Secret Society Roadmap 3.0

At the end of September 2022, SSS revealed the next Roadmap – 3.0. Previous Roadmaps 1.0 and 2.0 saw many Digital and real-world events, including Merch, the introduction of the IRL gallery, community contests, and of course – REPUS. Now, looking into the future, there are many exciting things in store for members of the SSS community. Whilst not much information has been given away, we know that we can expect to see a ‘Superlative Fair’, ‘Mallacan Machine’, and there is even a mention of a ‘Secret Roadmap’!


Image of Superlative Secret Society Visual Roadmap

Superlative Secret Society Roadmap, released September 2022


We can’t wait to see what the exciting art-driven project does next.


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