The SXSW Doodles Event Deemed A Huge Success With Long Entry Queues

Image of the Doodles SXSW event

This Weekend, Doodles are hosting a series of events at SXSW 2022, proving hugely successful. The three-day Doodles SXSW event is possible through the partnership with VTProDesign. The LA-based interactive design studio VTProDesign brought the Doodles project to life in a colourful and highly immersive, multi-sensory experience.

Open to all with a Doodles passport, this event has seen massive entry queues. Doodles owners have turned out huge numbers to see this intergalactic NFT experience.


The annual South by Southwest (SXSW) conference occurs between March 11th and 20th in Austin, Texas. It is a global festival, and people travel from all over the world to participate. They gather to celebrate the convergence of tech, film, and music industries. Meanwhile, Doodles are running a series of events from March 12th – 14th at SXSW. 

Doodles SXSW

On offer at the Doodles SXSW experience are interactive installations and Doodle-themed snacks and refreshments. There is also a unique gift shop and more. It is an excellent way for Doodles to show their capabilities and give their fans some real-life benefits. What’s more, the event is powered by Shopify and highlights the future of commerce.

Furthermore, for those unable to attend the Doodles SXSW event, you can still join in the fun via the Doodles token-gated Shopify store.

This is a huge event, and Doodles owners worldwide are travelling to experience it. Twitter is full of people expressing their love for the immersive experience, and some famous artists are heading to the event – including Beeple!

Reportedly, the feedback for the Doodles event has been excellent, and it is certainly impressive to see how they have put this experience together, along with VTProDesign. One attendee, @It_me_kat, said, “like, are u kidding m? The @doodles event is quite literally out of this world & I’m so proud to be a holder”.

Image of the inside of the Doodles SXSW event

The Doodles SXSW experience is a truly immersive event, and Twitter is full of praise for the three-day Doodles gathering.

 The colourful NFT project, by talented artist Burnt Toast, is making its mark on the NFT space. Since minting in October last year, the project has quickly become one of the most successful NFT collections in the space.

This month, they introduced a new Space Doodles feature that allows you to watch your NFT travel through space. Now they are taking over SXSW with their unique Doodles look.

VTProDesign brings Doodles to life!

Meanwhile, thanks to VTProDesign, Doodles has created a genuinely immense, mind-bending project that represents their ethos. The company is known for its work with Netflix, Google, Heineken and others. They are also notorious for fusing modern innovation and brand experience into the digital world. The Doodles SXSW event highlights this.

Additionally, Michael Fullman, Chief Creative Officer of VTProDesign, said, “It’s not like anything we’ve ever done before– the environment, materials, colours, and spatial layers of visual and tactile immersion make for a truly unique experience full of energy. We’ve included exclusive surprises for NFT holders, along with hidden Easter eggs throughout the experience to pull stories of the Doodle world.”

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