The Toy Boogers NFT Collection: What You Should Know

Doug, artist and founder of Toy Boogers, has brought us this unique NFT collection that we can all relate to. I mean, the name has boogers in it, what’s not to like? Let’s take a deep dive into the boogerverse.

Toy Boogers

Do you know this essential member of the Toy Boogers family? Credit: @ToyBoogers

So is this what a 100% handmade NFT collection looks like?

Yes, you heard me, 3,333 100% handmade creatures! Unlike most of the computer-generated PFP collections, Doug sat down and drew the attributes one by one and mixed them manually. He took the time to make sure each of the combinations fit well together, artistically and skillfully. There is a total of about 100 different heads and 50 different bodies, with a ton of other toys.

Here’s how the boogers come into the picture. A group of NFT degens were developing a special teleportation technology to physically transport themselves into the metaverse. Somehow, a booger got smeared onto the machine’s focusing crystal, causing a critical but delightful malfunction. As they teleported, they all got mixed up and rearranged, becoming a new NFT collection. And out came the Toy Boogers.

On top of the 3,333 Boogers, the team recently released 1,111 new Kitbash Boogers, effectively expanding the Booger family. The new release is a collaboration between Toy Boogers, Deadfellaz, Cool Cats, and Robotos. Currently, the sold-out collection is only available on the secondary market.

Toy Boogers

Does the head look a tad familiar? What an interesting combination. Credit: @ToyBoogers

What’s in store for the Toy Boogers

There will be an upcoming animated series featuring the Toy Boogers. Along with the Smilesss NFTs, TIME Studios will look to air these shows in the near future. This is one of the initiatives to grow the brand, spanning different communities and generations, digitally and physically. In addition, there will be Booger merch on the way as well. Way to bring in the mainstream audience.

After 2 drops, there are still only 4,444 NFTs in the market. While there is a hint of exclusivity in the project, many active participants in the community still want a chance to get in. As such, the team is looking to expand the family through 1 free-to-mint NFT, and an allowlist spot in another NFT collection. Each existing Booger will get these perks and they can decide if they want to hold it or sell it to expand the family.

In addition, Doug has signed Web3 dev team Pagzi Tech Inc to work on the long-term expansion of the Toy Boogers universe. They have also been sweeping up different metaverse lands over the past few months. Subsequently, they will build various metaverse assets for these different platforms. So far, that’s all we know regarding their march into the metaverse.

Seems like it’s all sunshine and rainbows in the Boogerverse for now, we’re excited about what the upcoming drop brings. Stay tuned!

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