The Weirdos: A Guide To The Weirdest NFT Collection

If colorful, off-kilter NFTs are your vibe, then look no further than The Weirdos NFT collection. This collection of nearly 10,000 distinct cartoon characters with hand-drawn traits are the core of an attention-grabbing, creative, artist-driven project.

Without further ado, let’s learn about The Weirdos!

The Weirdos NFT Twitter banner

The Weirdos is a generative art collection of 9,272 weird and wonderful NFT characters. Credit: The Weirdos

What is The Weirdos NFT collection?

First things first, The Weirdos is a generative collection of 9,272 stylistic NFTs with hand-drawn traits. On the project’s website, the project is described as, “A nostalgic, adult-themed universe where your NFT unlocks varying and exclusive levels of access, utility and weirdness.”

The creative force behind The Weirdos is the award-winning illustrator and motion designer, Ghostbreath. The artist has been in the NFT space since early 2021, minting various NFTs before starting on The Weirdos NFT collection.

This collection of art blends Ghostbreath’s love of cartoons, animation, comics, collectibles, and pop culture as a whole. And clearly, as the name suggests, The Weirdos are committed to crafting a world filled with playful, unconventional characters.

In contrast to most NFT collections of this nature, the Weirdos first came to life as 412 hand-drawn, 1-of-1 characters across 3 series. Ultimately the team behind The Weirdos chose to build out their community slowly with these smaller drops before launching their full collection to the world.

six The Weirdos NFTs

The Weirdos have a unique and distinctive art style. Credit: The Weirdos

The 9,272 Clones of the Weirdoverse

As previously mentioned, The Weirdos began with 412 1-of-1s. These are what the project calls the “OG Weirdos”. On the other hand, the 9,272 NFTs that form the main Weirdos collection are ‘clones’ of the OG Weirdos. What’s more, this collection can be split further into 14 distinct sub-collections. Namely, there are seven Weirdo factions and seven State factions.

The Weirdos NFT collection launched with a presale on April 19th, and a public sale on April 20th. The mint price was 0.09272 ETH for both sales. At the time of writing, has a floor price of 0.025 ETH, a total trade volume of 468 ETH, and 3.7K holders.

The factions, and the clone aspect as a whole, represent the narrative-driven approach The Weirdos have taken to developing the collection. To be sure, The Weirdos are still in the early stages of piecing together its full story and lore. After all, the project is just over a week beyond its mint.

In any case, The Weirdos has many nods to this deepening story in its Discord, and in the roadmap on its website.

The Weirdos NFT roadmap

The Weirdos NFT roadmap references future drops and an ongoing story-building process. Credit: The Roadmap

So… what the hell is Rat Milk?

One of the major elements of The Weirdos NFT experience is something the project calls, Rat Milk. Besides the hilarious, somewhat disconcerting mental images that it carries, Rat Milk is essentially the token of The Weirdos’ ecosystem.

Prior to the mint, hopeful buyers needed to amass Rat Milk to gain access to the project’s presale. Clearly, Rat Milk will play a big role in the project moving forward but for the moment, there are a couple of ways to get it:

  • Verifying your wallet in The Weirdos Discord server
  • Through Rat Milk raffle contests in the Discord
  • Competing against other Weirdos in Community Games on Discord
  • “Doing weird and cool shiz” as the team says. In other words, the server mods will reward active community members with Rat Milk

All things considered, this weird and wonderful NFT collection has a ton of character and a solid community. So check out The Weirdos on Twitter and Discord to learn more!

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