The World’s Rarest Whisky, Karuizawa’s Last Masterpiece To Auction as NFT

Karuizawa nft

BlockBar, the NFT marketplace specializing in luxury wines and spirits, is offering unprecedented access to the rarest whisky in the world, Karuizawa. The bottle from the last 50-year-old cask, The Last Masterpiece 1970, will be auctioned exclusively on BlockBar.

Karuizawa nft

The rarest whisky in the world, Karuizawa, can now be purchased via an NFT.

About the Karuizawa NFT drop

BlockBar offers collectors the chance to own one of the last bottles from Karuizawa’s 1970 cask. Karuizawa’s “The Last Masterpiece 1970″ NFT is connected to the real-life bottle and marks the Japanese distiller’s final farewell. In addition, the bottle itself is a collector’s item, as Japanese calligrapher Souun Takeda designed the label.

Whisky lovers can get their hands on this one-of-a-kind bottle by bidding at an auction on BlockBar. With a starting bid of $75,000, the auction is bound to attract whisky lovers from around the world. The auction opens at 12 a.m. EST on Tuesday 12 July and ends at 5 p.m. on Monday 18 July. Interested individuals can make a bid by submitting a payment via ETH, credit card or wire transfer.

Since the company’s closure, the remaining whisky from the Karuizawa distillery has become highly sought after. The man behind this drop, Eric Huang, is the industry expert who has transformed the Karuizawa into what it is today.

“The Karuizawa brand is incredibly unique, and we see huge potential for dropping an NFT, which includes guaranteeing authenticity for the bottle owner,” commented Eric Huang, CEO of Hua Yang International Exhibition Ltd. “The major consideration for our partnership with BlockBar is their expertise in luxury spirits and its strict control of ensuring bottle authenticity and quality by partnering directly with a brand owner.”

Karuizawa nft blockbar

The rare Karuizawa bottle is available exclusively on BlockBar, the NFT marketplace specializing in luxury wines and spirits.

BlockBar’s influence on the luxury wine and spirits sector

Founded in October 2021, BlockBar is the world’s first DTC NFT marketplace connecting collectors to luxury wine and spirits brands. By offering NFTs for unique products, BlockBar assures its customers that each collectible is unique and authentic.

Consumers can transact using BlockBar directly and be sure that their collectibles are well taken care of. Once purchased, each of BlockBar’s physical bottles is stored in a secure facility in Singapore. Moreover, customers who are not yet web3-savvy can buy products with fiat currency, credit card or wire transfer.

Recently, BlockBar partnered with Johnnie Walker to offer seven whisky enthusiasts a rare whisky combined with a VIP experience. In addition, the NFT marketplace was an LVMH Innovation Award nominee at the LVMH awards, further cementing its position in the NFT sector.

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