These 3 Cryptocurrencies Could Change The Game In The Next Bull Run (DTX, APT, TIA)

These 3 Cryptocurrencies Could Change The Game In The Next Bull Run (DTX, APT, TIA)

As anticipation mounts for the next bullish surge, three digital assets, DTX Exchange (DTX), Aptos (APT), and Celestia (TIA), are poised to redefine the game. These cryptocurrencies aren’t merely contenders; they represent a convergence of cutting-edge technology, forward-thinking development, and market disruption.

Are these the best cryptos to buy now? Read on to find out.

DTX Exchange (DTX): Leading the Shift towards High Leverage and Enhanced Security

DTX Exchange (DTX) is perhaps the perfect crypto for beginners. How so?  Offering a diverse array of assets for trading, this newcomer sets itself apart with groundbreaking offerings such as non-custodial wallets. Such a feature redefines the trading experience, empowering users with greater exposure while maintaining control over their funds and effectively reducing the susceptibility to exchange hacks.

Amidst a viral rally in its private seed round, DTX Exchange (DTX) garners attention from crypto whales, reflecting a surge in confidence within the community. With a successful Stage 1 presale raising over $300,000 and set to increase its token price from $0.02 to $0.075 in Stage 2, the potential for substantial returns on investment becomes tangible.

The convergence of investor interest in DTX Exchange (DTX) underscores a shift towards exchanges offering high leverage, robust security measures, and operational flexibility free from regulatory constraints like KYC.

Having sold more than 85% of its tokens in its current presale stage, it is ideal to purchase DTX if you want to enjoy the fruits once it hits major exchanges.

Aptos (APT) Drops 36.62% After GameStack Launch

In a groundbreaking collaboration in the third week of March 2024, Aptos Labs and Google Cloud unveiled Aptos GameStack, a cutting-edge platform poised to revolutionize live service games with its innovative web3 capabilities. This partnership signifies a monumental leap forward in the ongoing evolution of the web3 gaming sector, promising to reshape the reality of interactive entertainment.

Contrary to expectations, this news yielded little gains. Instead, Aptos (APT) fell from $14.42 to $9.14 by the last week of April, indicating a 36.62% plummet. Experts say APT could trade at $24.93 by Q3 2024, marking a 172.76% soaring from $9.14.

From Peak to Tumble: Celestia’s TIA Token Dips 45.46% Since Its All Time High, What’s Next?

Celestia’s TIA token achieved a milestone as the third week of January 2024 began, surging past the $20 threshold. This remarkable feat follows the successful launch of the blockchain’s mainnet beta in late October of the previous year. Celestia’s path to this remarkable achievement has been characterized by robust user participation, highlighted by the distribution of TIA tokens through an airdrop to approximately 580,000 users.

Since the all-time high achievement, TIA moved from $20.26 to $11.05 by the final week of April 2024, registering a 45.46% tumble. Will Celestia (TIA) rebound from this downward sentiment? Analysts forecast a rise to $29.78 by Q4 2024, showcasing a 169.50% increase from $11.05.

Does this performance make TIA a top crypto to invest in? Hardly, but DTX does pass that test.

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