Time Lord Victorious: Doctor Who to Launch New Trading Cards

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, a digital trading card game, is all set to launch new cards. Called ‘Time Lord Victorious’, the set contains 50 new cards featuring artworks based on the television series. The set is slated to release at 10 Am EST on August 26, reported Play to Earn Online Magazine

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart will launch new cards this month. Credits: Doctor Who

All about the new Doctor Who trading cards

Each pack in Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is made up of a random set of hand-drawn cards. Each card is unique, with its rarity defined by the different frames and serial numbers. Additionally, players can customise their cards using the game’s extensive frame collection. Some of the frames include the Bronze Dalek frame, Silurian frame, and White-Point Star frame.

The Time Lord Victorious set will be available in two types: core and premium packs. While the premium packs don’t come with any gameplay benefits, they feature unique card frames. The core pack will have an unlimited supply and cost $4.99. As opposed, there will only be 10,000 premium packs, which will be priced at $49.99. 

The new cards also come with new gameplay mechanics. Moreover, it should be noted that the Time Lord Victorious cards will only be available in this pack sale and won’t be distributed outside.  

Doctor Who trading cards

Some of the trading cards from Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. Credits: Doctor Who Worlds Apart

What is Doctor Who: Worlds Apart?

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is an upcoming trading card game by the British game studio Reality Gaming Group (RGG). It is based on the famous BBC television series and is BBC’s first digital trading card game. 

The TV series features an extraterrestrial Doctor who travels across time and space using a time travel machine called Tardis. Similar to the series, the play-to-earn game will include time travel and characters from different timelines. In the game, players can collect and trade characters, objects, and moments from the franchise and compete with other gamers in various contests.

Early this year, RGG launched its private Ethereum sidechain for the game as well as its marketplace. The move came as an effort to address the high gas fees associated with the Ethereum mainnet. Moreover, a sidechain also consumes less energy compared to the Ethereum mainnet.

“Our sidechain has allowed us to create eNFTs, a more environmentally friendly NFT that use…far less than if we were operating on the Ethereum mainnet,” the game notes on its website. “This also gives our users no Ethereum gas fees, thereby further reducing energy use.”

The game’s marketplace has amassed $472,463 in trading (at the time of writing). Moreover, a total of 28,361 assets have been traded on the marketplace to date. The most expensive card traded so far is a Tenth Doctor, Sandshoes card with a Bronze Dalek Frame. It sold for $2,000. 

As of now, the game is expected to be available in open beta from late 2021 to early 2023. Till then, players can build their trading card collection by purchasing cards from the marketplace.

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