Top Solana NFT Project DeGods Overtakes Doodles and Azuki

Image of a DeGods NFT character with beard sunglasses and wings

The innovating NFT Solana project DeGods is now one of the most expensive pfp collections in the entire ecosystem. This is the first time a Solana NFT collection has made it into the top five pfp and shows how Solana NFTs are gaining in popularity. DeGods has overtaken some of the most popular NFT collections, such as Doodles and Azuki.

Image of a DeGods NFT character with beard sunglasses and wings

DeGods is now in the top five pfp NFT projects in the world!

Significantly, now, with only BAYC, CryptoPunks, Moonbirds, and MAYC ahead of them, there is enormous excitement about the potential of this unique project.

DeGods is now a top five pfp NFT project!

It has been an incredible journey for the DeGods project, which only launched in October last year. Since then, it has been growing at an exceptional rate and has created an enormous community. With an original mint price of 3 SOL, the floor price is now a huge 533 SOL (around $19,000).

Now, it is one of the biggest NFT projects and is destroying the boundaries of what SOL NFTs can achieve.

Why is DeGods so popular?

Firstly, the DeGods NFT art is unique and highly creative. They have also worked hard to create a genuine community representing their ethos. 

In Q1 this year, DeGods introduced a native token into their ecosystem, called $DUST. NFT holders can use $DUST to access auctions, upgrades, raffles, enter whitelists and participate in the DAO. You can also stake the token and convert your DeGods NFGT into a brand new DeadGods NFT.

Significantly, DeadGods NFTs were introduced earlier this year, transforming your NFT into an even more spectacular pfp. Staking a DeadGods NFT earns you a passive income of 15 $DUST per day.

DeGods introduce Y00ts!

The DeGods NFT ecosystem continues to grow, and there are huge plans for the future. In the coming months, they will launch a new pfp collection into the DeGods ecosystem, called Y00ts.

There is already massive excitement about the project, and you can join the whitelist now!

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