TT, Guardian Of Web3, Just Landed On Earth To Create NFTTCity

Welcome to NFTTCity. NFTTCity is a web3-based city built and managed by TT, the almighty guardian of web3.0. This month, NFTTCity is certainly offering some unexpected surprises to its citizens. With blockchain technology, NFTTCity aims to grow the community in charge of saving the web3 world.

NFTTCity features the savior of web3, TT, riding a futuristic motorcycle.

What is NFTTCity?

NFTTCity is an NFT collection created by TT, the almighty guardian of web 3.0. It is an interactive and immersive experience designed to bring blockchain-based products and services to life. Consequently, the collection consists of various NFTs, each with their own characteristics and attributes. Players expect to use these NFTs to become part of something greater in NFTTCity, maybe as identities inside the experience and certainly part of the brave ones helping TT save web3.

The core of NFTTCity comes from being a web3 city, built on top of a decentralized infrastructure. This blockchain infrastructure, powered by smart contracts, allows players to interact with each other in a secure and transparent manner. TT is also developing several other features, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) products and a decentralized marketplace. Further, NFTTCity has a long-term event in which they give away daily and weekly ETH amounts! That’s right – free ETH!

How is TT building a web3 city?

An unidentified alien creature has landed from the Horsehead Nebula and people are claiming to have seen unusual aerial movement on their radar. Could this be the start of something big?

TT came to rescue web3, by stealing Fire from the web2 world. Now a Titan, TT gathers a growing community to stand together and rebuild web3. Undoubtedly, TT comes in a time of need for the web3 world.


TT, the guardian of web3, steals from older technologies.

TT, the guardian of web3, steals the Fire from web2 to save web3.
Image Credit: NFTTCity

How can  get on the NFTTCity whitelist?

As part of the excitement for this month, NFTTCity has created a whitelist for those who wish to become part of the city. The whitelisting process requires participants to join the official Discord, and participate in on-going dynamics rewarding early whitelisting. Additionally, community members can create fan art, invite more than 10 friends to the server and play additional games to win. The TT Bot delivers all winner rewards and tracks the number of invitations everyone gets on the TT Discord.

These unexpected surprises obviously happen to bring joy and excitement to the citizens of NFTTCity. Citizens are encouraged to join in the fun and take part in the activities. The more involved citizens become, the more rewards they will receive, evidently.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest news from NFTTCity, follow the official Twitter.

NFTTCity sneak peak for the NFT collection.

Whitelisting process now live, with sneak peaks of TT saving web3.
Image Credit: NFTTCity

In conclusion, NFTTCity is an exciting new NFT collection crafted by TT. The web3 city becomes possible by a decentralized infrastructure and presents players with a variety of features and products. Be part of the NFTTCity community, and also part of the lucky whitelisted ones by participating in the Discord dynamics. Finally, this month is showing some unexpected surprises with reports of aerial movements and unidentified creatures – who knows what the future holds!