TwelveFold by Yuga Labs Unveils Unique Bitcoin Collection

A preview of the TwelveFold art revealed on Twitter.

Yuga Labs have announced TwelveFold! The Yuga Labs team has created an exciting limited-edition collection of only 300 generative pieces. Each piece is inscribed on satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain, making them truly unique and collectible. The TwelveFold auction is launching later this week. Yuga Labs will give a 24-hour notice with all the exciting auction details and exact timing, so you can be ready to bid. In other words, this is a Bitcoin collection we should be keeping our eyes on!

A preview of the TwelveFold art revealed on Twitter.

Image: TwelveFold


Yuga Labs Unveils TwelveFold: A New Era of NFTs on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Get ready for TwelveFold! Yuga Labs will inscribe the exciting limited edition collection of 300 generative art pieces onto satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain. But what does this actually mean? Basically, inscriptions are NFTs that live natively in the Bitcoin blockchain. They are created when a file, like an art image, is written into individual units of Bitcoin. These digital artifacts represent a complete art project and will be a unique addition to any collection. Yuga Labs’ art team made the generative pieces using 3D modeling, algorithms, and high-quality rendering tools. However, Yuga Labs has made it clear that TwelveFold will not have any other utility or be related to any previous or future Ethereum-based Yuga projects.

So, how do we get hold of a TwelveFold NFT? Later this week, Yuga Labs will launch a Bitcoin auction to sell all of the TwelveFold pieces. To ensure a smooth bidding process, Yuga Labs have strongly encouraged bidders to follow the best practices for holding inscriptions. To participate in the auction, you’ll need two things: a self-custodial wallet with enough Bitcoin to place your bid, and an empty Bitcoin address to receive the piece if you win. Stay tuned for the auction details and be sure to act fast to secure your piece of TwelveFold!

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