UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Gets Its Own NFT Cards

The UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 football tournament kicks off this week, and there is a collection of NFT cards to celebrate. Created by the Berlin company FANZONE, the digital autograph cards will commemorate the enormous sporting event in England. Working in collaboration with the DFB (The German Football Association), it will release one thousand packs on Fanzone for fans of the German women’s team.

Image of the UEFA EURO 2022 NFT collection

DFB, in partnership with FANZONE, has created a collection of limited edition NFT collectible packs.

EURO 2022 NFT packs celebrate the German Women’s team

As stated above, there are 1,000 Euro 2022 NFT packs to mark the prestigious tournament. FANZONE will also introduce additional packs and cards throughout the European Championship.

“We are eagerly anticipating the start of the Euros and are delighted to be one of the first soccer associations in the world to offer digital autograph cards of a women’s national team. The implementation with exclusive scenes from the “Born for this – Mehr als Fußball” production with Warner allows us to provide unique moments from within the circle of the women’s national team for our fans also as NFT,” says Dr Holger Blask, Managing Director Marketing & Sales of DFB GmbH & Co.KG.

The Euro 2022 digital autograph NFT collection is available to buy right now! There is a pack for everyone with varying price ranges and rarity levels. They start at €5.99 for regular packs with five cards to €59.99 for packs with three impressive video cards.

There will be more NFT packs as the tournament progresses via the FANZONE platform. The rarity levels for the Euro 2022 NFT cards are Rare, Epic and Legendary. Some of these contain unique exclusive content, never seen before. Significantly, some of the video NFTs will feature unreleased footage from the “Born for this – Mehr als Fußball” documentary. 


FANZONE has been trading NFT digital cards since early 2021. They help to connect fans with their favourite teams and athletes in a new, special way, using web3 technology. For the EURO 2022 NFT collection, they have gone all out!

In fact, FANZONE has been working with the DFB since its initial launch in 2021. They have also collaborated on several projects, including the national teams of women and men, the U21, and the 3rd league.

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