University Of Michigan Becomes The First To Open NFT Gallery

photo of the university of michigan campus

In an exciting move, the University of Michigan will be the first university to showcase an NFT gallery. The University teamed up with Graduate Ann Arbor and MORE Management to present a sports-inspired NFT gallery that launches today.

photo of the university of michigan campus

Collegiate NFT galleries are becoming a reality, thanks to the University of Michigan.

What is ‘Victors NFT’ by the University of Michigan?

The University of Michigan, Graduate Anne Arbor and MORE Management are launching “Victors NFT” today. The NFT gallery is a display of NFTs across six digital screens. These screens will feature BAYC, and art created by athletes from the University of Michigan. Current Michigan sports stars Zak Zinter, Cade McNamara and Mazi Smith are some of the athletes who participated in the project. Furthermore, legendary football quarterback Tom Brady is also a supporter.

The exhibition is located at the Graduate Anne Arbor lobby. Additionally, the website ‘Bored on Campus’ will launch alongside the exhibition. Through this website, students can purchase merchandise inspired by this NFT project.

Importantly, this University of Michigan-approved NFT gallery will allow student-athletes the opportunity to generate income from these NFTs. Undoubtedly, this will further support their studies and career.

Graduate Ann Arbor general manager Jason Nelson said: “The University of Michigan football programme is beloved by the Ann Arbor community, and we are excited to offer a new avenue for fans to engage with and support its players, both past and present.”

NFTs and college athletes

The NCAA has released a set of rules that allows college athletes to use their NIL for commercial ventures like NFTs. In fact, the University of Michigan’s Cade McNamara recently signed an NFT and crypto-related deal with MORE Management. Undoubtedly, college athletes will make use of the NCAA‘s latest change in regulation to profit off their NIL via NFTs.

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