Unlocking Human Creativity: Artizen Fund’s $2.2M Boost from Crypto Titans

The Artizen Fund for Human Creativity has successfully raised $2.2M from notable crypto leaders. These include the likes of Path, Juan Benet, Matt Condon from PleasrDAO, Dan Hill from Airbnb, Consensys Mesh, Animoca Brands, Protocol Labs, and other investors. Artizen brings a new and innovative approach to funding human creativity. Moreover, they leverage the power of NFTs to empower creators and investors within the crypto ecosystem.

a picture of Artifacts NFTs from the Artizen Fund ecosystem

The Artizen Fund: Ready to Take Web3 to New Heights

The Artizen platform empowers creators in securing funds for their new projects. This is through the sale of cultural ‘Artifacts’ from their work. To clarify, Artifacts are open-edition NFTs for their projects. These Artifacts encapsulate the essence of a project and its global impact.

René Pinnell, co-founder of Artizen, explains, “Artifacts can be an early sketch, concept art, a looping animation, or anything that documents an important milestone in a project’s life cycle.

Furthermore, Artizen periodically curates a fresh collection of Artifacts from projects that push the boundaries of art, science, technology, and design. The Official Selection of Artifacts is promoted and sold to collectors who are eager to invest in positive impact. In order to assist creators in selling more Artifacts, Artizen provides match funding. It also presents cash prizes to projects that sell the highest number of Artifacts.


Pinnell, highlights the challenges faced by artists in raising funds and states, “As a fifth generation artist, I know how difficult it is to raise money for your work. It’s a biased and painfully complex process. But at Artizen, we’ve developed a new way to fund human creativity. Instead of relying on bureaucratic institutions, we empower our community to curate and fund new projects by collecting Artifacts.

The Impact of Funds for Artists

Artizen has already awarded over $750,000 to support prominent projects. These renowned figures also include Cate Blanchett, the Wu-Tang Clan, and acclaimed directors Terrence Malick and Darren Aronofsky. The platform has a proven track record of backing creators whose projects regularly premiere at prestigious festivals like Sundance, the Venice Biennale, and others.

Artizen’s innovative approach has garnered praise from Jess Sloss, founder of Seed Club, a leading web3 accelerator. Sloss commends Artizen’s strategy, saying, “The internet opened the doors for human creativity, but our system for funding innovative projects is still broken. I’ve had the privilege of watching the Artizen team tackle this challenge head-on, and their approach to selling cultural Artifacts is a potential game changer.”

The latest collection of Artifacts is available for purchase until May 16th. It features renowned creators who have showcased their work at esteemed cultural events. These events span the likes of Miami Basel, The Whitney, Cannes, and more. Notable creators whose Artifacts are being sold also include Render_Fruit, Nicole Ruggiero x PLANTTDADDII, Harriet Davey, Courtesy x ChannaStudio, Tabitha Swanson x Balfua, Maria Gudjohnsen x Sarah Banks, Leeza Pritychenko, Nico Casavecchia, and Valdimir Storm.

The Artizen community will also be one of the pioneering groups to launch on Console.xyz. Console is a decentralized, open-source, secure, and community-owned messaging platform.

Pinnell adds, “After funding hundreds of projects and years of experimentation, we’ve built something truly special. But this is just the beginning. We’ve got big ambitions.”

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