Upcoming Mints: 5- 11th September: Satori, Ownic NFT & More

It’s the first week of September, and here at NFTEvening, we are incredibly excited about the upcoming NFT mints this week! This week, there is much to look out for, including Satori, Sensei Labs, and others. We have selected the best upcoming NFT mints, NFT projects that are trending, and ones to watch out for between September 5th – 11th.

We also have an ‘upcoming NFT drops and events calendar’ to show you what’s happening in the world of NFTs. 

Minting Now or Just Minted


Image of Y00ts logo upcoming Mint

The Y00ts NFT mint has been delayed twice so far!

Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: Currently under review | Price: 375 $DUST | Supply: 15,000

The Secretive Y00ts NFT project was supposed to mint on September 4th, but it has been delayed due to several issues. Minutes before the mint was due to start, the Y00ts team found a ‘blocker bug.’ Since then, Y00ts has delayed the project further, and it is unknown when it will now go ahead.

Y00ts has been gaining traction on Twitter the last few weeks with its unique minting strategy and attachment to the DeGods project. It will be interesting to see how and when the upcoming mint will occur.


Image of EZU NFT

EZU had a successful launch and is now looking toward the future!

Blockchain: Ethereum & Solana | Mint Date: August 25th | Price: 0.12 ETH | Supply: 15,000

Ezu is a collection of 15,000 pfp NFT consisting of four factions: light, vapor, liquid, and earth. Essentially, it is an NFT collection powering a ‘Wear2Earn’ lifestyle application through clothing and Web3. The NFT project had its mint on August 25th and sold out quickly. The floor price is now 0.12 ETH on OpenSea and will reveal the NFTs to the holders this week.

Upcoming mints this week

The Stoics – by Gabe Weis – 7th September

image of Upcoming NFT mint of a cubist piece of art NFT

The Stoics by Gabe Weis is minting this week!

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: September 7th-9th | Price: 0.0888 to 0.111 ETH | Supply: 5,000

The Stoics is an upcoming mint this week by popular artist Gabe Weis. The 5,000 colorful NFTs are in the cubism style and feature the distinctive creativity of Gabe Weis. These NFTs have fantastic utility, and there are huge plans to build on this impressive art NFT collection.

Satori – 5th September

Image of upcoming NFT mint Satori

Satori is an exciting Solana NFT project.

Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: September 5th | Price: 1.35 -1.7 SOL | Supply: 5,000

Satori is an upcoming NFT mint that you can join right now! These 5000 anime character NFTs provide access to Satori Education and Satori Labs, a trading and analytical platform and tools. With an impressive team of over 20 people, there is a lot of hope for Satori in the Solana community.

Ownic: Leonardo Bonucci Exclusive dNFT drop – 7th September

Upcoming NFT Mint of Ownic with image of Leonardo Bonucci.

Ownic wants to revolutionize the dNFT marketplace

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: September 7th | Price: $150 in MATIC | Supply: 1,501 of 5,000

Another upcoming NFT mint to keep an eye on this week is the Ownic dNFT drop featuring footballer Leonardo Bonnuci. Ownic is a brand new concept within NFTs.

It is an officially licensed dynamic multisport NFT platform where you can play, earn, govern and interact with your NFTs. The NFTs are unique because they evolve with an athlete’s career. The pre-sale begins on September 7th.

Trending Upcoming NFT Mints

Several upcoming NFT mints are trending on Twitter. One of the most exciting of these is Yin Yang Gang. This is a free-to-mint project with a vast team and some brilliant cartoon animal art. The website is officially live now, and although there is no mint date or supply details, it is an exciting project with a hint of mystery.

image of Yin Yang NFT

Upcoming NFT project Yin Yang Gang is trending on Twitter.

Another upcoming NFT mint trending on social media is The Attoms Family NFT collection. With over 200 thousand followers on Twitter, this could be one of the most significant NFT projects in the last few months. The team has been working behind the scenes for over half a year, and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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