Upcoming NFT mints 19 – 25th September: Tyler Hobbs QQL And More

Here at NFTevening, we love bringing you the latest and greatest upcoming NFT mints. This week, some genuinely brilliant NFTs are on the way, including QQL – a generative art project collaboration between Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Mané; the Buff Monster Mini Melties; and much more. Read on to find out about NFT collections minting now, upcoming mints this week, current trending projects, and much more.

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Trending Upcoming NFT Mints

Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Mané – QQL

image of pink circles in various colours Upcoming NFT

A generative image made using the new tool at QQL.

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: September 28th | Price: Dutch Auction – starting at 50 ETH | Supply: 999

It is hard to talk about Tyler Hobbs without mentioning Fidenza, perhaps one of the most important NFT projects ever. Now, Tyler is back with another generative art project, working with Dandelion Mané, the Web3 co-founder of the popular Archipelago.art and SourceCred.

Together, they have created a special upcoming generative NFT art project with a major twist in the mint process.

The NFT is for a mint pass, granting you access to the QQL minting page. There is no time limit once you have your NFT pass; you can create your NFT any time you want! The project uses software that allows you to create your own generative NFT using various tools.

This is truly a fascinating upcoming NFT mint. This is an entirely new way of creating NFTs and NFT collections. It puts the power in the hands of the NFT holder, and allows them to create a random piece of art using unique algorithms. Once you have made your art and are happy, you mint it, and it becomes part of the NFT collection.

What’s more, anyone can use the software to try and create something, regardless of whether you own an NFT pass or not. You can try creating your QQL art piece right now. There have already been over 50 thousand pieces made using the software before the official mint even starts.

Minting Now or Just Minted

Qoots bt Quit

image of unicorn with fire around it upcoming NFT

The Qoots NFT collection is an interesting concept and contains two factions fighting within it.

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: September 13th-16th | Price: 0.03 ETH | Supply: 5,000 q00tants and 5,000 q00nicorns 

Last week, popular NFT Twitter user @0xQuit released the interesting Qoots NFT collection. What started as a joke has spawned into a huge NFT project that sees creatures called q00tants and q00nicorns as opposing factions within the q00tiverse. These factions will battle it out, and it will have an impact on NFT trait reveals and more.

The Qoots project has had fantastic social media engagement, and influencers such as @farokh have bought NFTs. Significantly, 40% of the NFT funds will go towards education tools. This is an NFT pfp project to keep an eye on in the upcoming months.

Upcoming NFT mints this week

Buff Monster – Mini Melties

image of upcoming NFT mint poster for Mini Melties

Mini Melties is an upcoming NFT mint by Buff Monster

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: September 22nd/23rd | Price: 0.2 ETH | Supply: 2000

New York City artist Buff Monster, known for his colorful and eccentric art, is back with a new NFT collection. The Mini Melties is a collection of generative animations created by Buff Monster and animated by Jimmy in Motion. The NFTs also have various benefits, including a 1/1 physical art swap, airdrops, exclusive content, and more!

What’s happening in the metaverse?

image of fashion clothing and metaverse character

RLTY, The Fabricant and World of Women are hosting a three day fashion metaverse event!

This week, RLTY, World of Women, and The Fabricant are hosting a massive event in the metaverse. Starting on September 20th, it is an immersive, digital fashion experience in a custom-made RLTY Decentraland space.

Furthermore, it will feature some of the biggest names in the digital fashion and technology industry. There are fashion events, panel talks, NFT collaborations, and more. You can reserve your place in the upcoming metaverse and NFT fashion event right now!

Upcoming NFTs to reveal


image of Y00ts logo

There is still no sign of an upcoming Y00ts NFT reveal.

It’s been over two weeks since the Y00ts NFT mint, and there is still no sign of an upcoming NFT reveal. Y00ts was hugely popular over the last few months, and the buildup to the mint was significant.

Following the mint, the Y00ts team, including Frank DeGods (the creator), announced they were taking time off Twitter.

The mint itself had some issues too. There were various delays, and people struggled to mint their NFTs. Now, Frank is back on Twitter and has released a Q&A.

He states, “From this point in the future, we simply will not announce a date until the actual thing we’re launching is stress-tested & ready for deployment. This includes the y00ts art reveal + staking launch. No official date yet.”

So, it doesn’t look like there will be an upcoming NFT reveal for the Y00ts NFT project any time soon, which will leave many holders frustrated.

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