Upcoming NFT Mints: Jul 18th – 24th: Not Your Demons and more

upcoming NFT mint Isekai Meta's homepage

It’s the start of another week, meaning, another week rife with NFT mints! If you have been on the lookout for the top upcoming NFT mints of this week, then this guide is for you. Here’s all you need to know about this week’s hottest NFT mints:

upcoming NFT mint Isekai Meta's homepage

Isekai Meta is one of this week’s upcoming NFT mints!

NFTs Minting Now

Not Your Demons

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: Available Now | Price: 0 to 0.0999 ETH | Supply: 10,000

Not Your Demons is the latest collection from the ‘Not Your Bro’ NFT project. While the project hasn’t revealed much about the new collection, we do know that its roadmap is packed with utility. The perks include staking, merch, vectorised art, non-profit support, and much more. On day 1 of the mint (July 16), Not Your Bro holders could mint the Demons for free. However, the public mint price is 0.0999 ETH. 

The ‘Not Your Bro’ NFT collection boasts partnerships with top NFT collectors like Pranksy. In fact, the collection has donated 10% of its mint sales to non-profits. The completely women-led NFT project was also the winner of the ‘Most Impactful Charity NFT Project’ at NFT NYC 2022.

Not Your Demons NFT collection featuring pickles and skeletons

Upcoming NFT Mints

Moon Rascals NFT

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: July 19 | Price: 0.09 ETH | Supply: 5,000

Moon Rascals is a collection of 5,000 NFTs, each hand-crafted by the project’s founder and creator, Sam. This is the debut NFT project from the London-based, British-Australian entrepreneur and artist. The genesis collection features Pink, Blue, and Gold Moon Rascals, with Gold Moons being the rarest and smallest.

Of the 5,000 NFTs, 500 are part of the Genesis collection, and the remaining belong to the Universe Collection. However, the Genesis Moon Rascals are only available for the project’s Genesis Whitelist and OG members. The project will drop 22 Moon Rascals every Tuesday, starting July 19, with the price increasing every week.

An illustration of the universe featuring moon and rockets

Desi Baby Club

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: July 19 | Price: 0.09 ETH | Supply: 1500

The Desi Baby Club is an upcoming NFT collection that brings Indian talent to the Web3 space. The project is the brainchild of Tanuj Gera, Chirag Trivedi, and Aleena Gandhi. Meanwhile, artist Prasad Bhat is behind the adorable artwork of the collection. Indeed, the quirky avatars and the project’s lore (or ‘The Source Code’ as they call it) bring a ‘desi’ element to the Web3 space.

The collection’s utilities include real-life meet-ups in Mumbai, India, complete with exclusive rewards and merch. An employment portal that connects holders to talents or jobs in the Web3 space, Web3 market analytics, and a shark tank to fund the best ideas are some of the other perks. 

Desi Baby Club NFT mint

METAKAMI – Upcoming Anime-inspired NFT Mint

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: July 19 – 20 | Price: 0.05 ETH to 0.07 ETH | Supply: 5,555

METAKAMI is a collection of 5,555 hybrid entities living in the hyperreality of 3022. Created by an all-artist team, the project’s story evolves through a community-driven manga. Essentially, the METAKAMI NFTs serve as passes to “the KAMILAB”, where the NFT holders can vote on the direction of The METAKAMI Manga. In other words, within this space, the NFT holders become Manga authors. 

What’s more, through the NFTs, the project is also raising awareness about endangered animals. Basically, Endangered animals are a significant part of the METAKAMI artworks, thanks to the 150 animal traits. In addition, the project will donate a part of its royalties to wildlife conservation non-profits. 



Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: July 19 – 20 | Price: Free | Supply: 9,976

Maximalist has a clear mission—they want to go beyond a simple PFP project to help create an ecosystem bringing the Web3 community together. In essence, the NFT collection features 9,976 characters divided into 10 families. Furthermore, each NFT is created from over 150 traits. Some of the perks in store for collectors include free NFTs, exclusive merchandise, and alpha calls. 


Isekai Meta 

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: July 21 | Price:  0.15 ETH to 0.25 ETH  | Supply: 10,000

Isekai Meta is a collection of 10,000 NFTs featuring art inspired by pop culture, lo-fi aesthetics, and Japanese anime. A story and community-driven NFT collection and metaverse brand, the project aims to bring a “new wave” of storytelling to the blockchain. Moreover, the project’s vision is to “build a brand that taps into the human need to connect with others through experiences.”

The project has a detailed roadmap in place as well. For example, the team plans to set up an “Isekai Academy” hosting exclusive art classes, community-held workshops, and more. An Isekai Studio, Isekai Music, physical merchandise, and limited edition collectibles are also in the pipeline!


Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: July 22 | Price: Free | Supply: 5,000

FknClownz is an upcoming free-to-mint NFT collection of 5,000 NFTs. As is the current trend for free-to-mint NFTs, FknClownz has no Discord and offers no “false promises”. A CC0 collection, its Twitter bio reads: “just a bit of clownin”. 

FknClownz NFT collection featuring tents and clouds

That said, they do have a whitelist with 1250 spots. Both the public and those on the WL can only mint two NFTs per wallet. Could the project follow the success of similar projects like Goblintown and WAGDIE? Well, it remains to be seen. 

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